Chances I will pass a urine test in 2 weeks ?

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  1. I just smoked about less than a half g last night and I have a urine test in 1-2 weeks I was clean for about a month before I smoked it. How long will it possibly be in my system for? I'm 5'6 125 lbs male
  2. DONT SMOKE if you want a chance at passing!
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  3. Rule of thumb is 30 days, no one can tell you for sure so don't do it, there are way to many factors.

    Clean piss or don't smoke

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  4. I did it your size. I was surprised I passed also. The first week of probation don't mean shit. They want to see the levels go down.

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  5. they cant see levels nless they doin full on lab test
  6. Well it's too late for that lol but I'm a very light smoker to begin with and I smoked only about a bowl packs worth on a clean system so I'm kind of hoping it will be out within 2 weeks and not 30 days
  7. Drink lots of water urinate often and sweat you'll get that thc out of your system or if you want to be really sure go buy synthetic urine from your local head shop

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  8. i retract nothing stated i didnt think i needed to tell you not to rewind time and undo the past
  9. are u retarded?
  10. Since you are very thin, only 125lbs, it wont be stored so long in your body, compared to a very heavy fat guy.

    And if u hadnt smoked in 30 days before this time, and u only smoked 0,5g.. it will be out of your system in maybe as little as 4-5 days...and if it is 2 weeks until your urinetest u dont have to worry at all.. u most certainly will be clean.

    Just dont smoke anymore.

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  11. I think your safe, 1) marijuana stays in your system longer the more body fat you have. 2) marijuana tests can only report positive if they meet a certain cut off level. 3) spend the 30$ on a home drug test a couple days before your test and then the day before. Lastly google
    how long will pot stay in my system calculator, I have used it. From memory 1 time will be below the cut off on the test in 7-9 days. Good luck

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  12. fuck you little bitch! your clearly young and stupid and have to ask questions online youngun
    i grow acres dog n make hash and solve my own problems
    think hard
    my initial statement of dont smoke was after your initial post so i know you smoked
    fool all iz sayin is steer clear to your best ability ok some knowledgy vatos i know said subjects with low bodyfat (ie YOU)
    should expect 4 days to 2 week depending on how much you smoked and from how clean
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  13. you'll piss a clean one in 4 days kid
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  15. Sup, I recently passed a Drug Tust and got employed. I do not know if my story will work for everyone, but if its all you got. Give it a shot as I did the same. It's better trying something than nothing. If you really care about passing that test I recommenced reading my post fully.

    Honestly, I think my method will work for you. You have the same body stats as mine basically. And since you are skinnier I think it will really work as it did for me.
    Because our body fat percentages are so low.

    I made a thread a recently just as you, explaining my situation as I also was requesting for a little bit of guidance at the time. - How to pass Drug Test within 24hours?

    I passed Drug Test in 24 hours after smoking a whole half ounce in 1-2 days. (14 grams) Even so, I still smoked weed Frequently. I just had recently re-copped at the time so I hadn't smoked in a bit. But definately not a month, and definately not enough time to get clean. As I am a chronic smoker.

    140lbs or less.
    Skinny / Not Muscular.
    No frequent excersie.
    Date of Test - 2 days after post, (monday)
    Last time Smoked - 3/5/2016
    Frequency of Smoking - Smoked a half ounce in or more in 48 hours.
    Date of DT - 3/7/2016

    I USED my own Urine. So it was like this, the night I was called out of no where. From my Employeer that I need to take a Drug Test the day after next. It was night, there was no going out to buy anything from the store. At that point, I fucking panicked. I really needed a Job, I didn't even know she was going to call back so fast. Even SO, the job I applied for not going to say what it is for privacy reasons. But the job that I had was really nooby not on earth would I think they would DT me. But they did anyways.

    Anyway's lets continue.

    First we have to understand how and what is tested in our urine. They do not test for THC, but instead they test for THC metabolites. Which are not caused by CONSUMING weed but instead, it is caused by the body metabolizing it. Yup, any kind of nutrients that enter the bloodstream will be metabolized by your body.

    Ok, now for the main lesson on how to pass your DT.

    To pass the test you will have to move that metabolized THC which is stuck in your body fat instead of urinating those THC Metabolites, you have to move it from your bladder to your colonse.

    This is where the key word comes in - FIBER.

    Do your research if you don't believe me, go to a specialist, doctor, pray to jesus, but this is the truth. So after I did my research, it was the day before the test. There was no time to think.
    Basically, to break it down in a nut shell. (if not a quick google search for "fiber and THC" will help) I am not sure if its anykind of Fiber, but I will tell you exactly what I did and took.

    What steps I did -

    1. Took 8 Colon Cleanse Pills. 2-3 Hours Prior to the Test. BRAND I USED - sanar naturals colon cleanser 2002 (Sanar Naturals Colon Cleanser 2002)
    2. After taking the pills, I chugged a glass of Certo Fruit Pectin a whole packet.
    3. Drinked alot of water, I don't know how much but it was a good amount. All I drunk was water bottles non stop, I took sips etc.
    4. Urinated as much as I could at my house. Prior to the night before (day of the call to get tested the day after next) I was struggling to pee the morning of testing day at my house. I was drinking alot of water bottles, and its like my system slowed down or something. I was drinking enough water, bu
    5. Drove to the Testing Place, and kindly the clinic I went to had a whole basket filled with Water Bottles. I signed myself in, estimate wait time was 30 mins until test, so I sat down and started drinking more water.
    5.1 While driving I was also drinking as much water as I could.

    6. Pee'd 2 times at the clinic before my test (its all I had), I was told to pee at least 2-4 times prior to the test.

    Peeing is VERY important, you do not have to pee like 20 times. You only have to pee alot on the day of your test. You have to flush any old THC metabolites that are in your bladder already. If you pee all your shit out exactly before the test like me. It's over you got this.

    Now about the Colon Cleanse Pills. Reason I chose these is because they had a SHIT load of fiber in it. Not only that but each serving size was 450mg, and I took 8 of them. So I took over 3500mg of Fiber basically.

    And it wasn't just fiber, it had about 14 different plants which all contained all kinds of fiber.
    On top of that 3500mg of fiber, I chugged a whole packet of Certo Fruit Pectin. Which is Fruit Fiber, which I basically added even more fiber to that.

    And yup, that's how I passed my DT in about 24 hours. On my original thread and posts I considered passing it in 48 hours. But it wasn't like a full 48hours. I was called the night before the day before the test. All I did that night was drink a gallon of water and pee alot than went to sleep.
    The day next was when the clock really started ticking and had to prepare for the test.

    So yeah, if you do do this. I'm pretty sure you will succeed as we have similar body stats as I said before. So that means we have pretty much the same bodyfat%.

    Summary of my rant -
    I passed DT in about 24- hours (basically)
    Frequent Smoker, smoked 14 grams 24-48 hours prior to the test.
    With Confidence Comes Success - DJ Khaled
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    But reading your 2nd post, you say you are very light smoker. And smoked on a clean system.
    Yeah you will be clean in 14 days, most likely. Don't take my word on it. I only want to speak from experience, and the post above ^ was my experience. But I did hear somewhere, there was a chart. And the whole "30 days stays in your body thc" thing was only for Frequent Smokers.

    I forgot how much it was for occasional smokers but I think it was like 1-2 weeks. And than I forgot what the last one was but it was like you. Someone who just smoked on clean system. Should be definitely gone in 2 weeks.

    Just don't smoke anymore, and if you do end up smoking again before the test. You should try my method as it would be cool to see same results from someone my size.
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