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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Metalxiii, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. Well I have the chance to get some LSD for $6 a hit. Problem is I dont know if i should do it or not. I have done shrooms, blow, X, salvia and vicodin, oxy, and some more. But LSD...what should I do?
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    o yea dude 4 sure buy some .... they r safe as fuck i think hasnt done anything bad 4 me just created good n u would feel a lot better knowin u experienced lsd
  3. Ok so they dont have any long term affects right? Like change you or anything?
  4. oh dude

    do it and do 2 hits

    wil blow ur fuckin mind

    u will have alot of fun

    drop in a chill environment with some chill friends

  5. Do they change you? Yes. Is it a change for the good? Most definitely. Dropping acid is a highly introspective experience. You are going to think about every single aspect of your life in a 12 hour period. LSD will allow you to experience a whole new dimension of enlightenment. Just knowing that such a level of knowledge can exist will change you. Before I dropped for the first time (when I was 14) I thought I was the shit. I had a massive ego and LSD completely dissolved it. I would go around thinking that everything was all about me, but after that fateful drop, I completely turned my life around. All I wanted to do was help people. I felt significantly happier, and it felt really cool to know that I had finally explored the full power of my mind. I also felt a strong and binding sense of comradery with other people who had dropped before.
  6. Alright thanks, ill be getting it later today. Now how does it compare to shrooms? The trip?
  7. Do it.

    If you've already done shrooms you're more than ready for acid. And chances are that you'll find it wayyyy more enjoyable.
  8. Very similar IMO, but longer.
  9. It's not really similar at all for me. Acid is fun. That's the best word for it. Yeah you'll be forgetting what you're doing every 10 seconds or so and you'll be incredibly confused but in the end I always end up with a silly, "fuck it" attitude that's....well, fun. And much better visuals than shrooms (unless I'm shrooming INCREDIBLY hard.)

    Shrooms aren't fun for me really at all. The word for them is profound. Yeah I've had a few goom trips where I just laugh my ass off nonstop but generally they make you feel like shit about everything that's wrong with you and your life until you're motivated to fix it, whereas acid makes you ponder your life and the world and look at things from a new perspective in a similar fashion, but I almost always come to the conclusion that everything's pretty fucking great on opposed to really fucked up and in need of fixing on shrooms.

    Besides that, I feel that I'm way smarter (in a social sense) on acid than on shrooms and I can have long really interesting and often hillarious conversations instead of being trapped in my own thoughts.
  10. the only word i have for you is YES

    LSD-25 is the key to ultimate enlightenment.
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