Chance To Be An Apprentice... Kinda Supsicious

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  1. so, i was doing some searching on budtrader for any possible good deals on meds, and found an ad for someone near my county who was looking to teach select patients how to grow.

    about 4 hours later i get a call from a random number which had the same area code as mine, and it turns out to be the grower that i e-mailed earlier.

    apparently, i misinterpreted his offer--he asked me if i had a space for growing. sadly, i do not. so he asks if i'm looking to be a grower's apprentice... i'm blissfully in shock, since i've been wanting something like this to happen for so long...

    he asks if i work (i do, about 24hrs a week), and tries to ask me exactly where i work. i tell him the city, but not the exact location. he replies with, "the reason i asked exactly where (in my town) was because my daughter has ballet lessons there. but, i live ___ (about 40 minutes drive away from me). however, i do have an outdoor garden around ___ (about 30 minutes drive away from me), but i think that's doing fine."

    during our conversation on the phone, he offered to take me in as an apprentice with the start of 1gram/hour (possibility of increase), twice a week, doing work around the garden(s). of course, i accepted as humbly as i could (though i had a bit of trouble holding down my enthusiasm haha).

    so, our deal is that he'll save my number and call me the next time he needs help around the garden.

    my question: doesn't this seem a little too good to be true?

    p.s. i live in southern california, just to give you an idea of location.
  2. :bolt:[quote name='wr727']
    my question: doesn't this seem a little too good to be true?

    Hi wr,
    Personally if it was me I'd head for the exits.
    This person doesn't know you from Adam & he's going to trust you in his growing area? :bolt:

    When things are generally too good to be true there's usually a good reason
    He doesn't know you so what makes him think your so special?:bolt:

    Cheers & Good Luck,
  3. Sometimes the deals work out for you other times you become someone's bitch and some how ended up in debt to them and growing for them for years before your finally square don't agree to anything with out thinking it out in the long run.
  4. Bring a buddy and a gun. But for the love of god, if your gonna carry, be prepared to use it. Nothing will get you killed faster than pulling a gun and not having the balls to use it. There's a good chance this guy is desperate and a little too trusting. Some times too good to be true is in fact, pretty fucking awesome. Other times, its a 500 pound transvestite named Ralph who wants to hear you squeal like a pig. Good luck, keep us updated.
  5. ^^ Woo hoo! That was post #50
  6. I've learned recently, there are some things in this life that are too good to be true.

    This is not one of them.

    Gram an hour? I get around 100 gram per plant I grow. Grow 6 plants evey 2 months.

    600 grams / 28 = 21 ounces every 2 months.

    Grow yourself. Even if it was legit,which its not... would you accept 20-50 grams of buds, while your partner is getting 20 ounces?
  7. 4

    i would if it wasn't too far away or too much of a hassle.

    He doesn't have to buy any equipment, just help out and he would be learning how to grow from someone experienced. i know 99% of the things he will be taught are readily available on the internet. But thats not the same as learning in real-life. Depending on quality and location, 1g/dank per hour (possibly more) is not a bad deal.

    just don't sign anything that you might regret OP, if this was legit i'd ask for a 2 week trial period (with bud-payment ofcoure) first. Bring a buddy the first time to be safe.
  8. Which brings me right back to this.

  9. I wouldn't trust it.
    I worked with a dispensary/co-op on their marketing, files, etc. and they would NEVER ask those types of questions. Why would somebody randomly ask a stranger for their personal information beyond MMJ verification? That is strange.

    Have you tried WeedMaps? They are a good resource for dispensaries, docs, laws, 420jobs, etc. They have cool give-aways twice a day everyday for CA MMJ patients. I won a really cool piece the first day I signed up. They give away everything from pipes, vapes, bubblers, herbs, etc. and the growers/dispensaries are legit. Check it out. :smoke:
  10. Morning MaineCronic,
    One question I have is what if he's setting him up as a fall guy for something that doesn't involve growing. I mean he's training him with his right hand & what is the left hand doing.
    Was it Richard Pryor who used to say, 'feets don't fail me now'
  11. Whatever the case may be, IMHO its a no-go.

    Thats my [​IMG]
  12. What he said ^^^^^:wave:
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    WOW! first of all, i really appreciate everyone's insight.

    second, after reflecting on what's been said... i think those who said "no-go" are right--i went into this with a naive mind, and didn't bother thinking about the possible consequences.

    he did ask for the usual patient #, doc, birthdate, name, phone #. however, i acted too hastily and didn't bother to ask for his info. also, i agree, he could be looking for a fallguy... damn, didn't even think of that one!

    i'm 19, still living and working for my parents, so a chance at free medicine AND first-hand experience on how to grow was extremely appealing to me. i thought i could learn how to grow without disrespecting my parents, all the while earning (presumably) good smoke.

    putting it in perspective, getting 1gram/hour from someone who probably has a few pounds coming in at once every harvest... ya, i guess that could be considered a low compensation wage haha.

    also, i do continue to use weedmaps. though, i was just looking for some local bargains. guess delivery is my best bet, 'til i really start connecting. but, damn, a prize your first day signing up?? nice!
  14. You know what they say experience is the best teacher. I would suggest try to do your own or make friends with someone who can help show you the ropes. Last year was my first year but my shit came out decent quality. Didn't get the yield I wanted but I can't be to mad I still got a few months of free smoke.

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