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Chance of getting a psychosis like my father

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kush-Cobain, May 28, 2019.

  1. Alright so the thing is that i am standing with a very tough decision right now. It is because my father has a hash psychosis and I’m just nervous that if it is gonna hit me someday. I just don’t know because my father is already insane btw but I’m just scared if I am gonna turn up like him some day. I haven’t seen him in a long time, but as I know he’s smoking like 10 joints a day. I have smoked for about a month now about 5 days a week and I haven’t got any “psychosis symptoms” but I am still scared that even if I am gonna smoke often in the future I am gonna end up like him even tho I will never smoke as much as him. I just love to smoke but I am scared because I am his son and if it therefore could effect me to

    Please ansver
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  2. I try to keep up with the science and so far they think it those who are ALREADY predisposed to psychosis do best when they stay away from cannabis. It's like the cannabis makes it worse. I think you would know by now especially if you have been toking for awhile.
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  3. Just smoke up man, but keep it steady. Everything in moderation, Stay safe bud

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  4. So do you mens i should stop or keep going? I was thinking about if the chances would be smaller if I started again when I’m 26 and be smoking like 4 times a week? Sorry for my bad English
  5. How old are you? From the reading I have done, If you are mid twenties and have never experienced a psychotic episode and have smoked plenty, you are probably just fine to continue. If you have experienced a psychotic episode, I would refrain from smoking anything with a high THC and stick to CBD.

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