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  1. Anyone here a fan of chance the rapper? I love his music. Its truly amazing.
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  2. Ouch that was painful. Too each their own but that wasn't for me
  3. Check out his songs before you judge. Pusha man, favourite song, angels, home again... Just to name a few.

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  4. I checked it out far enough with that song, then I judged
  5. I've heard a lot of good things about him but haven't given him a listen yet.

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  6. What song? The video I posted was a compilation.

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  7. It was enough to know I don't like his music. We don't have to have the same opinion man. I think he's crap. Doesn't mean you have too. Get over it. Opinions were asked I gave mine. He sucks in my opinion
  8. Youre wrong. You just have some psychological need to say you dont for some reason.

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  9. Incorrect. I love all sorts of music. That sucked
  10. We get it. Yes you're very cool for having an overly niche opinion. Good job

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  11. I like him, haven't got around to listening to the new album (or mixtape not sure) yet. This song stood out to me on acid rap, different to his usual music:

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  12. chance is easily in my top five, his rapping style connects with me so much, all 3 mixtapes are dope af. cant wait until this nigga performs in seattle, whenever that may be.
  13. Lol relax man. You're the one who went out of your way to quote a couple months old thread. Like I told the other guy months ago, just because I don't like it doesn't mean you can't.
  14. Yeah I don't understand the train of thought he has "if I think he's good everyone does". People have different taste in music how do people not get that.

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  15. I'm not ripping on the guy. I couldn't do it that's for sure.
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    So kill what do listen to? Yep I am fucking with you.

  17. I listen to lots of different styles, some you may not like. I do like the doors and have a pretty decent, nothing special [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]collection of old pins, books, concert posters and such from an ex-girlfriends mom who gave them to me for Xmas Mr mojorising. I'm guessing we agree on that. Even some Jim Morrison rolling papers. I miss her mom more then my ex. She gave me an unopened original beetles white record too. My ex took that back. My other interests range from rap, blues, jazz rock, country, reggae, pretty much anything. Doesn't matter I just love music, pathetically play a guitar and listen to whatever I feel like. Spent the day listening to Son house, spent yesterday listening to biggie before going to a friend's house and rocking some Waylon Jennings. I appreciate it all. Just didn't like the music video in this post.
  18. Never mind the dirty finger nails...been in the garden. Don't know where the $4 off coupon came from
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  19. Chance the rapper is pretty good even though But his new stuff is speaking from someone who listens to different genres

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