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Champagne Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AlkaSeltzer, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I just bought a half of this stuff called champagne. Its pretty amazing but i haven't been able to find much about it. Anyone ever smoke it?

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  2. i wish i could pop some of that off right about now
  3. my friends had champagne once, they said it was some of the best shit theyve ever smoked. if its legit champagne ur gunna get stoned.

  4. Even if its not legit champagne your still gonna get stoned
  5. #5 AlkaSeltzer, Feb 11, 2009
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    I smoked some last night and went for a 3 hour walk. was awesome
    It is legit. This guy carries the best in the area
  6. mac dre talks about it but ive never come across

    looks like its bomb tho
  7. My buddy's hookup was pushin champagne for a few weeks, it was real bomb shit, major couch lock, perfect video game weed. :D
  8. its called champagne, its gonna be dank.
  9. Welll! What if its not legit? All that THC not gonna get him "Stoned"?
  10. champagne is some bomb ass green i smoked it over the summer and it was some of the best green i've smoked
  11. I've had Champagne on three different occasions, when it rolls through I always look forward to getting extra.
  12. That sir is some beautiful nugs. :smoking:
  13. When I had champagne it was more whispy and had longer hairs but solid high nonetheless...
  14. looks fire, whats the price?
  15. I bought a sack of it once. Honestly the best high ive ever had. It doesnt really mess with your head and it makes you really euphoric.
  16. had this couple months ago, deff a really good all around high
  17. theres a strain called champagne kush, so it could be legit. i saw some pics of it on here. try using the search function
  18. 110 for my half.But a bunch of people chipped in for i dont know how high it should have been.
  19. I had some champagne over the summer. It toar me up. It felt like a rocket going off inside my body, and for me it caused faint and cartoony hallucinations, you could barely see them, and they were all bright colors, but like in a faint haze. really hard to explain. but was quite enjoyable.

  20. thats almost exactly what happened to me if im understanding you right

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