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Champagne Kush, Dairy Queen, Grape Ape, Cotton Candy, Ice Cream +MORE!! *NEW PICKUPS*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by shawty420, May 12, 2012.

  1. Wassup guys, I know the title sounds more like munchie food than bud, but actually this is some supper chronic! This is my stash from the past 3 days, ENJOY AND FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS!


    1. Champagne Kush *Really close up picture*


    2. Dairy Queen


    3. Grape Ape *Scale is turned off in these pics haha*


    4. Cotton Candy Kush


    5. Ice Cream


    6. Afwreck


    7. My dealer gave me no name for this stuff, but its was too nice! *Bad quality pic, sorry*


    8. Purple Urkle


    9. Not the best trimmed Lemon Kush *Sorry I dont have any close-up pics*

  2. holy mother of god
  3. Daaank nugs, a close-up macro on the cotton candy would be beauty

  4. Yeah man but that nug was so tiny :/
  5. the lighting is actually good in that pic just needs to be closer
  6. nice pickups, that cotton candy looks yummy
  7. dankenstein
  8. I would love to get some of that purple urkle.. Yum. Very nice pickups! The dairy queen looks amazong as well
  9. bump for new days
  10. jeez what do you do for a living

  11. sophmore in highschool haha
  12. I love the names:p
  13. Nice grabs

  14. :eek: :hello:


    Sorry you're 18 and still only a sophomore.. That must suck :eek:
  15. I've never seen anything like that purple erkle before. That stuff is ridiculous.

  16. yeah dude and the smell was even better
  17. Hey bro, does it suck to be 18 in a soph class? Just wondering... haha
    But anyways super nice nugs, I love that purple urkle, that shit looks like its painted.
  18. havent been on here for a long time, heres a bump.
  19. Nice i really love the cotton candy, the purple urkle and the champagne Kush i have smoked both champagne & cotton candy before but i have never smoked purple urkle before, that looks so dank!!

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