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Chamomile review

Discussion in 'General' started by Tibbles, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, hope you're all having a good day :hello:

    Ok, so after extensive (sort of) testing, I'm ready to submit a report on recreational use of chamomile.

    First off, I should make it clear that it will in no way get you stoned or baked. I did get a LITTLE high, but nothing comparable to MJ, and even then I had to consume a sizeable amount to get buzzed. I do not regard this as a primary means of getting high, but if you're bored, curious, or out of the good stuff, it's better than nothing.

    In this experiment, I used two methods of consumption: smoking and drinking. In both cases I experimented first with using the processed material from teabags, and then with using the slightly more expensive loose-leaf product.


    I first used a twinings infusion of pure chamomile in teabag form. After consuming one cup, I felt my internal springs winding down and the stress of the day began to dissipate. After three cups, I was incredibly relaxed and chilled, but still able to function.

    The next test involved using loose-leaf chamomile, which is a little more expensive than the processed material found in teabags. The effects were much the same, and I didn't feel the loose-leaf material was in any way more potent than the processed stuff.


    This is where the difference between loose-leaf and teabag chamomile really became pronounced, although not in the way you might think. Contrary to my expectations, the processed tea-bag chamomile was far more effective than the loose-leaf stuff. Probably because the teabags contain 100% of the stuff that relaxes you, whereas with the loose-leaf product you end up with stems and petals that have little effect. Who knows, I'm not a chemist, and I don't have access to a labratory to run extensive chemical analysis.

    The teabag stuff is fantastic. Really ace actually. If I had to single out a time when a herbal product has got me even remotely buzzed, this takes the biscuit. I rolled an ordinary spliff using a filter, but this latter component didn't seem to impede the effects significantly. I suppose you could use a roach if you wanted, but the problem with that is the powdered stuff falls out of the breathing end pretty easily. I smoked about three pure chamomile joints, and there were some surprising similarities to MJ. I felt euphoric, relaxed, and I couldn't keep a smile off my face. Now I'm not saying this will get you baked, at all, but as I've already said, if you're out of dank and you need something to tide you over, this stuff ain't bad.

    The loose-leaf chamomile was disappointing. I figured the fresher the better, but this did not prove to be the case. Even the use of a roach rather than a filter didn't make much difference in potency. If anything I'd have to say the effects were weaker than smoking the tea-bag material. It's also more expensive and difficult to get hold of, whereas I can easily walk to the supermarket and buy cheap teabags.


    As I've already stated, I did not do this with the intention of getting baked or high. I actually did it in the name of botanical research, just to see what might happen. It turns out the effects were pretty rewarding, although I do believe that the use of loose-leaf chamomile makes no big difference, and is in actual fact less potent than smoking the processed material from teabags.

    There you go then. Yes, I realise that what I did may seem immature and just a little retarded, but progress is never made with prejudice. If you're really bored and have nothing better to do, give it a try, you just might be satisfied. Peace :smoke:

    EDIT: Due to past experience, I recognise the importance of safety and moderation. Yes, the processed chamomile was more effective, but I don't know if that's because a chemical was added along the way that when combusted produced psychoactive properties. Treat it like any other herb: with respect and moderation. Just because it's legal doesn't necessarily mean you can smoke it all the time. Use your noggin.
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  2. i thought i would replay because it looked like a long time to type that, and far too long to read it

    im glad it worked?
  3. didn't read the whole thing.. but

    did you smoke tea or something?
  4. i tried skimming for context clues but i still can't figure it out
  5. i actually took the time to read it..

    cool stuff man, its like an unlimited supply of stuff that will get you 'buzz relaxed'

    ppl mix bacco in their weed, chamomile is no worse. and it definatly has effects.

    props on testing and typing that, may your next herbal highs be nice

  6. Just here to make an out of context gay joke.
  7. What was the shit you bought called OP?
  8. ive got camomile tea in the house, feel like ass, might just have a few cups and see if i notice anything. personally ive never felt much from it, so your results surprised me.
  9. Now I wanna smoke some and see if I feel anything.
  10. Thread might be old, but oh well. Glad to know this stuff does something. I to bought this stuff not expecting to get stoned or baked. Never drank or smoked chamomile. I've tried other types of relaxing tea and some of them did okay. Stuff if great for when you got no cash to get the greens. Gonna try it tonight and hope to get similar effects like you did op. Happy toking everyone. :bongin:
  11. Sounds like placebo effect

  12. Nope not really. The Chinese have been smoking tea for hundreds of years cause of the calming effects some tea leafs put out. Been smoking chamomile every night since I posted on here and it does the trick. I notice a more mild sedative smoking it than drinking it. It does work. Doesn't get you messed up like weed, but can relax you pretty well.
  13. Just wana say I'm smoking some out of a gravity bong right now with a little bit of purp and it's amazing.Try it![​IMG]
  14. What the fuck?
  15. Mixing weed with other plants is a good way to get a different buzz, much like eating a mango before smoking :)

    I have a bunch of essential oils from various plants and occasionally I'll add a drop to my bowl and then pack some weed in there. There is definitely a different effect with some, others just seem to affect the taste. I never tried chamomile essential oil though.. not even sure I've seen it in stores, but I'm sure someone makes it. I did pine a couple times and it always puts me in a mini coma.. think it has a bunch of myrcene like the mango.
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    I mean I drink chamomile tea to help me sleep sometimes...but smoking it? That doesn't sound right at all. That was the "wtf" lol
  17. I've never tried it, drinking or smoking, so I don't know the flavor.. but I have mixed other herbs in with my smoke. A lot do have a bad taste when smoking, that's why I stick with the oils. I did mix some ground up lavender in once, that shit knocked me out. You should try smoking it and make a report like with the mangos :)

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