Challenges To Freedom Of Speech On College Campuses

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Praetorian, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Following the recent incidents of speakers being shut down across the various colleges in the US, and student revolts as seen at Evergreen College, the issue of free speech has once again been brought up for debate on the floor of Congress.

    Shapiro's views on the issue seem the most coherent and constitutionally sound.

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  2. College should be about the marketplace of ideas, the challenging of your opinions, and an environment for civil debate. There shouldn't be a hostile environment regarding any free speech on campus. You're supposed to go there to learn, not to be indoctrinated and shamed for wrongthink. The self-described liberals on campus who are shutting down free speech because they deem it wrong or offensive are not true liberals; they're facists. They go against everything real liberalism stands for. They are completely stomping out the core values of liberalism.

    There are no limits or restrictions on freedom. Once you start telling people what they can and cannot say, for whatever reason, you've cross the line into facism and authoritarianism. You should expect to be mock and ridicled if you're one of these people who want to put restrictions on speech.
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  3. God damn right.

    Dawkins is the latest one to get shut off. I pay attention to this avidly - the first thing to go in a collapsing society is freedom of expression.

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  4. I've never seen anything that Shapiro says not being on point.
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  5. Absolutely. He's incredibly intelligent, an excellent speaker, and makes points like a Macedonian phalanx
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  6. How dare you?!

    His points are clearly Spartan phalanx.

    (Does this guy even know his phalanxes??! *scoff *scoff) :D
  7. [​IMG]

    ben shapiro's acies are always triplex

    racist confirmed btw, only white supremacists know about antiquity
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  8. This is true.

    I did not check my (ambiguous) privileges when referencing history.

    I'll report to HR for retraining. :(
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  9. Meh

    "The people who set up huge disturbing protests for personals issues.

    Peaceful debates outside of the classroom turning violent.

    Using "free speech" to promote hate.

    You never know who you're going to offend with your "free speech".


    Limit free speech to supervised class rooms only. Any free speech outside of classroom should result in disciplinary action and or misdemeanor charges. Its the content if the speech that's dangerous.

    We have to start thinking about each other.

  10. I was just about to give him shit for this but you beat me to it you big mean jerk! You hurt my feelers.

    I hope you are joking but can't tell through text.
    If someone is so thin skinned as to be offended to the point of rage or crying or whatever over some words coming out of someone else's mouth and think they need rules about it and those rules should be enforced by others for them then that person can go... Fill in the blanks for a paragraph or two.
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  11. If the part in red is referring to his post, then I'd like to point out your run-on sentence. If not, nevermind. ;)
  12. Nope, just a stoned run on. Point remains, I'm sure you undermeant what I stood.
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  13. More than suppressing free speech, it really bums me out when all the assortment of neo Nazis, white nationalists, and skinheads don't get to tell us their side of the story.
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  15. My brother has it rough he goes to SF State. It's like the stereotype of what you're talking about. He complains about it. non-Gender pronouns, feminists, BLM, etc.
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  16. Best advice you can give him: Keep his head down, mouth shut, get an actual degree worth something, and get the hell out of there asap.
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    Which actual white nationalists and skinheads are you referencing specifically?

    I know the modern Left likes to spam-label everyone they disagree with who happens to be white as a neo Nazi (or Uncle Tom if you're black), but just because it makes them feel better about their own pseudoideologies, it doesn't make the label any more applicable.

    Ben Shapiro himself receives more antisemitic threats from actual supremacists than any Jew in America, yet the Left keeps trying to label him a Nazi supremacist because they disagree with his politics, just like they do with many others.
    Then of course they proceed to attempt to shut down his speeches.
    Same goes for Yiannopolous, Coulter, and who knows how many lesser known personalities.

    Did you actually see any neo Nazis or skinheads during this particular testimony to Congress or do you just perceive whatever Carolla and Shapiro have to say as racism by default?
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  18. Yeah he's actually transferring to UC Santa Cruz this semester coming up. Campus/dorms are literally beach front property.

    Politics may be whack but I'm jelly.
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  19. I'd like to salvage my reputation among the SJW ranks, by pointing out the clear oppression that went on at Thermopylae.


    Hashtag Ephialtes

    /raise defiant fist
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  20. this is a major issue. And anyone who has children should be affraid of sending them away to college. I know I am. I will be pushing my son to get into a trade school of some sort, or military, which is what he wants to do right now. Schools should be a place where ALL ideas are present and taught. Instead its essentially turned into the Lefts version of a church where they march the kids in and just blab on about liberal bullshit and everyone agrees because..well, they will be blackballed if they dont. Check out this clip of tucker trying to get this lady to answer such a simple question...Who is qualified to make the decision on what is considered hate speech? Her answer, "rational people". Well, who defines that? um...

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