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    I challenge any blades out there to make a swastika joint, particularly better than this guy:

    (link to the video is further down the page. If the mods have a problem with it they can censor the individual post instead of shutting down the thread)

    The swastika is not a symbol of evil, so get that ignorance outta here! Just don't make it clockwise... You might get banned :( :laughing:

    So if you've got the weed to burn and some time to waste, give it a shot and post your efforts!
  2. This is fucking gay. & you're probably going to get the ban hammer.
  3. This post is weak sauce.
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  5. I honestly don't see anything wrong with this. Even if he asked you guys to make the clockwise, Nazi swastika, it's still not really racist. I used to draw swastikas all the time in CAD, simply because they're a hard figure to draw in the three dimensions. A swastika joint is basically just a cross joint on steroids, and provides a challenge when rolling.

    However, if he asked you to roll a swastika joint, declare genocide, and beat up minorities while smoking it, then it'd be racist. Does rolling a cross joint make you a God fearing, bible thumping Christian? Does rolling a tulip make you a lover of flowers? Then why does rolling a swastika make you a Nazi?

    I wish I had enough bud to try it. Next time I'm home, I'll try it with some mids.
  6. swatika is an evil symbol. the manji is not though, and they are two VERY differant things
  7. the swastika almost always refers to nazis and hitler
  8. Epic. I'd love to see one. Just sayin'...
  9. some people in this thread are soft and uneducated.
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    I'm glad to see some people know the swastika is not a symbol of evil :) @the user that said it almost always refers to the nazi symbol, I disagree. You're more than likely correct in asserting it has another go-by name, but the term "swastika" is not any less correct.

    Bump for great justice! I wanna see some swastika joints- be at peace blades :smoking:
  11. people are so ignorant.

    the swastika has been around 100 times longer then the nazis.


    id love to see it.
  12. Mods and admins, feel free to censor this post if you feel it is offending anyone. Keep in mind these kids are just some stoners and their intentions may not have been to make it clockwise. The comments and description hold no hate, so I don't think there should be a problem. Enjoy the mildly entertaining video, and get the ideas rolling!

    [ame=]Swastitak - YouTube[/ame]

  13. The swastika was originally a Hindu Symbol that if I'm not mistaken meant peace or something of that sort. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. It's also on a Pokemon Card, backwards, as the Hindu symbol:

  15. omg a swastika racism nazis!!!!!

    sounds like a brilliant idea, I wonder how one would smoke.
  16. oh so you are a nazi?

    cool good to know.
  17. nope. I just don't understand why everyone's so touchy. It's a fucking picture lighten up.
  18. [ame=]Imposhibibble! - YouTube[/ame]
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    I'm not about to censor it, because I think, like others have said, that it's ridiculous to constantly equate the swastika with only being a "Nazi thing".


    This is an image of the Oklahoma Chilocco Indian Agricultural School basketball team in 1909.

    You wanna call them racist for using a swastika before Hitler even got his hands on it? :rolleyes:

    If the OP starts hating on Jewish people in this thread then I'll be right here to shut it down, but automatically assuming that "swastika" means racism and horrible things is completely naive to the history of the symbol.

    That said, a swastika shaped joint seems pretty ridiculous, but props to anyone who can pull it off. :laughing:
  20. agreed i dont see how it would be smokable if you rolled it the proper way. that being not using straws to help make the shape but make it totally out of paper. you would have to roll 9 joints and connect the four sides in the middle and have one of them in the center but out the back side so you could smoke them all.

    still the resin that would build up in the smoking joint would be crazy and i think that alone would make it unsmokable

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