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  1. I'm on vacation in San Antonio. I don't have any weed connections out here so I'm just drinking and bored. Someone challenge me with something. Say something provocative. Debate me about life or religion or politics. Or tell me where I can go to get some weed. lol Just engage me in some way is all I want.
  2. I live in San Antonio lol
  3. 97.7 radio station in san antonio:metal:
  4. If someone is born blind and never experiences color, do they see images when they dream, or are their dreams simply sounds/smells/feelings?
  5. What is your price target right now for MSFT using a discounted cash flow model?
  6. Go down to the UTSA campus, it's a huge party school.

    Ask anyone chill for bud.
  7. Or maybe you could try experimenting with other drugs...
  8. What the fuck is Grimace?

    Why the fuck does Goofy walk on his hind legs whilst Pluto is on all fours? They're both dogs...

    Why the fuck hasn't Sean Connery aged in decades?
  9. I have no recollection of starting this thread but clearly I did. lol It's cool to see there are some blades out here though. Any suggestions for local dives or bars? I'm staying on the Riverwalk.

    Those are excellent questions, all of which I would like to have answers to as well. lol

    I've always wanted to try acid. And I'd say their dreams only involve other senses. They might see random colors but they couldn't see images because their brains never developed that capacity.

    Thanks, I may just do that.

    I'd say 30 but I'm not an expert.
  10. Dude you cant find weed in san antonio?

  11. Well, I haven't actually tried yet. I've only been here since Sunday and haven't really had an opportunity.
  12. Grimace is a creature of disgust and is an attempt by Mcdonalds marketing to shove their cocks down your throat along with their burgers. Even they think it's gross.

    Goofy's mother fucked her dog and then had pluto. He is 1/2 dog, 1/2 human, hence the two legged stance. Pluto is full dog. Funny story, pluto has the same father as goofy, actually making them half brothers. Disney is fucked up, prove me wrong.

    It's simple, real men don't age.

    Do you believe there are correlations between the fall of civilizations? What I'm saying is, do you think we repeat the same mistakes?

  13. They dream of every other sense but they never actually have vision in their dreams.

  14. We absolutely do repeat the same mistakes. We're the new Roman empire and we'll fall in a manner similar to the way they did.

    @The Botanist
    I am neither religious nor conservative but I flatly reject the idea that atheist liberals are more intelligent than religious conservatives. Facts and statistics can be made to show whatever people want them to show. This is nothing but propaganda and if there's one thing I hate it's flagrant arrogance. For anyone to make the claim that people with opinions different from their own are just not intelligent enough to understand them is the fucking height of arrogance. All anyone can know for sure is that we don't know anything for sure.

    That's a great topic though. Nice and controversial. Thanks! :)
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    It's more than an opinion, it's a way of going about things with an open mind.
    Religious people are taught to reject other ideas and concepts.

    I, personally, agree with it.

    I remember asking one of my friends (who is highly religious) what they thought about evolution.
    Much to my surprise, she said that it doesn't exist and that darwin was a dumb atheist.
    So, i said, "So fossils and blatant evidence doesn't exist right?"
    I'm pretty sure that's when she commenced the bitch attack.

    I'm not saying all religious people are like that but you sure as hell won't find an atheist that ignorant.

    Edit: When i say i agree with it, i'm referring to the stats.

    Don't mean to mess with this controversial topic, but you said you wanted to be challenged.

  16. No, it's all good. I like it. I especially like it when I can have a debate with someone with a polar opposite position from mine but we can do so like adults and be friends despite it.

    To your point about atheists not being that ignorant, I completely disagree. Most people don't realize it but Darwinism and Evolution are actually closer to religion than science. The Big Bang, which is the starting point for Evolution, and it's explanation for how we got here stands in direct contradiction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Believing that the laws of physics as we know and understand them today were not the same back then requires a leap of faith no greater than believing a god created everything. If that's what someone believes that's totally cool but they're usually ignorant of the fact that it's not the hard science they think it is. Religious conservatives definitely have a tendency to reject science out of hand but atheist liberals have a tendency to blindly accept it. In my opinion neither is a superior position and one is not more indicative of intelligence than another.
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    Although the big bang is only one of many theories, how does it conflict with thermodynamics? Religion isn't even a theory. It is blind faith. The scientific method, on the other hand, has nothing to do with faith or "blindly accepting it." It's how the human race has come to establish those physical, chemical and biological laws. Belief doesn't factor into true science; observation does. Religion does not have that scientific process. You either accept something in religion or reject it in terms of pure faith. There's nothing quantitatively measurable in religion like there is in science. The two are vastly different and almost polar opposites.
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    You bring up an excellent point. The scientific method is based on observation and experimentation, neither of which can be applied to our origins. No matter what you believe about how we all got here, it's all guess work and, ultimately, faith. Religion is blind faith as you correctly point out and the Big Bang requires exactly that. It has a nice shiny scientific wrapper but it's still faith. It can't be proven. All the evidence is circumstantial.

    As for the problem with thermodynamics, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is a law and not a theory, states that heat cannot of itself pass from a colder body to a hotter body. The corollary of this is that entropy within a system increases over time. Simply put, all things tend toward disorganization. To give you an example, if you make a PB&J sandwich and then leave it sitting on the table for four weeks, when you get back it will not have turned into a turkey club on rye with chips and a drink but instead will be rotten and inedible. The Big Bang theory states that the universe started as a completely disorganized quantum singularity which exploded and, over time, organized itself into the extraordinary universe we see around us today. This can't happen without breaking that law and requires blind faith that it somehow did so. And that's fine with me. Just realize that it's faith and not science that makes that theory work. This is why I say that atheists (and we're all making sweeping generalizations here for the sake of argument because there are, of course, exceptions to every rule and not everyone fits into a stereotype) are no less ignorant than theists because they typically don't understand that.

    No one can know how we got here. Some theories make more sense than others but at the end of the day they're all theories, even religious ones, and we need to be accepting of each other and our differing opinions rather than standing on our soapboxes of self-righteousness and casting stones at one another. We're all human and we're all in this together.

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