Chalice fails

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  1. Keep making fun of everyone who lined up for the Jungleboys booth when half of the entries were failures for mold / pesticides.

    How many people did not enter cause they knew they would fail the tests?

    I knew I hated smoking pre-rolls. Lol 8/10 FAILS!! :roflmao:

  2. Definitely would have failed!
  3. Smoked some weed from Oregon.

    Worst weed i've ever had in my life.
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    Dougie got some splainin' to do on his GT, they nicknamed it Slymer after the appearance of the mixture of Eagle 20 and Floramite, giving it a "Slymey" appearance.

  5. Dam lazy ass growers not putting full effort in the plants I only smoke organic meds
  6. Something we aren't testing for : mycotoxins.

    Every time you "purify" your mold infested weed, you are purifying the mold off, but you are leaving the mycotoxins behind.

    So when you run moldy weed into BHO, your shit ain't clean, it stanks.
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    LMAO at these memes

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