Chalice Cup

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  1. Anyone going to attend the Chalice Cup coming up in July? Its like the Cannabis cup but only for concentrates(non secret secret cup).
    It looks to be a good place to have face time with the extract artist and glassblowers. Probably some really good deals on Rigs as well.
    Judge tickets are damn pricey though but it does come with a rig(better be a Torro for that price)
    Here is the Info

  2. I wish dude, know a lot of peeps going
  3. Got my tickets!!!! Def gonna be nuts!

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  4. Nice, What ticket type did you get? Just General Admin, VIP, or Judge?
    Im very curious to the rigs that come with the judge pass as the event is put on by Hitman Glass so Im guessing its a hitman rig.
  5. Got a judge pass. I've heard there is a hitman piece in them. At least I'm hoping

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  6. hope it isnt like the secret cup where everyones judging a bunch of tane soup lol those residuals were wack as fuck its like everyone rushes their entries or something
  7. Damn that sounds fuckin cool.. If I would of known earlier I'd be there.. Gonna see what I can do
  8. Well if its anything like the concentrate section of the LA Cannabis cub it should be nothing but fire. Just sucks cuz what ever artist wins there shit is going to double in price at the local clubs. 

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