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  1. Is anyone else really into chakras and the idea if balancing all aspects of the body? After reading "Wheels of Life: A users guide to the chakra system" and using it's teachings heavily in my life, I can honestly say not only do I strongly suggest it's practices but also it's philosophy.

    I don't mean to give a chakra lesson because ive only really scratched the surface in my journey through my own, but I'm curious as to how many others find value in it. Personally it just makes sense to me, whether you take it extremely literally or figuratively I believe everyone should in some way try and balance their chakras. It really gives you a new, healthy, and extremely happy outlook on life and our conscious existence through the energies of the universe! :)
  2. It makes a lot of sense to me my friend. I've recently started to get into focusing my energy on these various points, and I honestly feel that it's helpful. I don't always focus on all of them everyday, but instead I usually take it on a case by case basis in relation to how I'm feeling. For example, if I'm angry, I focus on my heart chakra. Even though some may think that they're arbitrary or non-existent, I think that chakra cleansing is very therapeutic.
  3. I use a pranayama during my meditations that channels energy up and down the astral spine, and consequently up and down through the various chakras. Other than that, I constantly have my attention at the ajna chakra (third eye chakra) when I'm meditating or even often when I'm just walking around and doing normal things. I wouldn't say I'm "into" the chakras, but that is how I use them in my daily life.
  4. I just started meditating but I don't really focus on one area. I just let the energy flow through me haha it helps me to relax and damn it feels good :D but i'm still practicing. it's hard for me to sit there and focus on my breathing for long amounts of time just cause i'm impatient :/

  5. In the beginning it's better to focus on total muscular relaxation first before you move to other things. Make sure even your facial muscles are relaxed.
  6. got look more into this
  7. Agreed with everyone! Meditation has been a little difficult at first trying to concentrate is hard because my mind often wonders does anyone have any advice for this? I also have been going on a situational basis as far as maintaining different chakras. It's really given me a happier more energized look on life! I'm very glad I found it
  8. Check out Qigong, if you like. It has done wonders for me...

    [ame=""]Moving of Yin & Yang - Chunyi Lin - SFQ Active Exercise Level One - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]Breathing of the Universe - Chunyi Lin - SFQ Active Exercise Level One - YouTube[/ame]

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