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    Haha i've seen this test before on another forum, it's kind of bull though, because chakras are all open, and they "activate" one by one starting with the sacral/svadhisthana and going upward. If your crown/sahasrara chakra were active, you would be in the state of Christ/super consciousness, and every other chakra would have been activated before this.

    For example, lemme take this real quick. Last time I took it it said the crown was 100%, and I'm by no means even close to what that would entail lol.

    edit: their all over 69%, crown was at 100% again

    like I said, a chakra isn't under or over active, it's either open, or it's completely activated. The kundalini won't partially ascend, and when it does you will know it. If it happens prematurely or without preparation you will know it as well, because it will be a terrible experience lol.
  2. i just googled 'chakra test'

    its more of just a physiological/personality test kinda thing i thought it was interesting
  3. Yeah, basically each chakra corresponds to different elements, and elements all have their separate characteristics that make up the personality, it's the entire basis for reaching equilibrium to progress. In yoga it's achieved through yama and niyama, in hermetics it's done by mapping out the black and white soul mirrors and willfully transmuting characteristics, the alchemicsts transmutation of base metals into gold, etc. I imagine they are based on that.
  4. yeah iv only recently discovered how important things like alchemy are. along with astrology

    but aren't the chakras supposed to be separate from your personality though?
  5. Yes, but like I said the new age has heavily deluded it, with meditations to "open" chakras. This will do no good. I believe the reason people say "this chakra is how assertive you are, this chakra is how compassionate you are" is due to the elements associated with each chakra, and each element manifests in the body as positive and negative characteristics

    fire- +will/activity -anger/malevolence
    water- +compassion/warmth of feeling -rude/unemotional
    air- +agility/optimism -arrogance/aimless
    earth +calm/unshakeable -laziness/gloomy

    It goes alot more in depth than that, but that's just an example.
  6. So you're saying chakra meditation is useless? Like, where people meditate and visualize the colors of chakras and stuff to add energy to it. That doesn't really do anything?
  7. i think its more its not useless , its just miss not being approached the right way

  8. Well in a few different yoga practices the concentration is placed towards the chakras. But as far as "breathing red/yellow/green/blue etc. energy" into them, it won't do you much good. You have to realize that the true techniques aren't going to be found in a book, these are just beginning exercises to build the foundation. Once that foundation is built you need a Guru to initiate you into the higher techniques. One of the most powerful methods is Kriya Yoga, but you will find it's technique absolutely nowhere written down because you must build the foundation first and then a Guru will be able to tell if you are ready or not and show you the method. To give you an idea of how powerful Kriya Yoga is, it takes around a million years of diseaseless incarnation to naturally reach the state of Christ consciousness/ unity with Brahma, essentially being a man transformed into God opposed to an avatar, God incarnated into a man. 30 seconds of Kriya Yoga achieves a year of natural spiritual evolution, natural meaning you just live your life. 8 hours a day for 12 years would accomplish the same level as Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, etc.

  9. Haha it's really neither, because it only asks questions about positive attributes. It won't determine anything about chakras. All of your chakras are perfectly active or else you'd have a disease of your nervous system. The 6 chakras in your body are all ganglia, that is masses of nerve fiber. The 7th/crown doesn't exist in the body, it is God Itself, and when the Kundalini merges with this chakra you become one with God, omnipresent omnipotent and omniscient, all Siddhis are able to be used. a siddhi is essentially a "magic" power. When Christ consciousness is achieved any miracle can be performed, resurrecting the dead is possible.

    Paramhansa Yogananda achieved this state, and he was the first classified medical miracle. Upon his death, after 20 days his body still showed no signs of decomposition, his skin was still soft, and his skin gave a fragrance of roses. The coroner upon examining the body showed that no form of embalming had been done, but that the Yogi was indeed incorruptible even by death. This is a medically documented event, but of course skeptics overlook this fact, they ask for proof but never seek this proof out for themselves, and even when proof is presented they simply try to reason that the proof is some sort of trick rather than succumbing to the fact that their false ego has been broken with evidence.

    I highly recommend his autobiography "Autobiography of a Yogi", it reads better than a novel and is truthful, as his death will show you that these states are indeed real and attainable. It is one of the most motivational books I have ever read as far as seeking out the path to Unity with the Divine.
  10. Third eye



    my highest...
  11. Root:\tunder-active 19%
    Sacral:\topen 38%
    Third Eye:\tunder-active\t6%
  12. My highest was third eye with 50%
    Only Heart and Crown under-active
  13. The best way to test your chakras is the old fashion way with a pendulum gives you the most accurate results.
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    Have you tried this? So the energy (qi) from the chakras actually moves this pendulum? I'd probably have to try this out myself to believe it.
  15. The old fashioned way huh? lol the old fashioned way doesn't require a pendulum, because your chakras are all perfectly open and active, it's a matter of the kundalini ascending to occupy each chakra. For example, your heart chakra isn't going to be occupied without the sacral and solar being awakened. You will know if a chakra has awakened, theres no need for a test, it is an unmistakably powerful feeling accompanied by certain siddhis.

    Man, the new age is just making mysticism and occultism a joke.
  16. according to the test all my chakras are under-active except my throat chakra which is open. i dont know if these results are accurate but if they are that cant be good
  17. it starting to realize this and be more careful , im glad you pointed out the bullshitness of this post that i made
  18. I think I may have a problem,

    Root: under-active(-25%)
    Sacral: open(12%)
    Navel: under-active(-12%)
    Heart: under-active(0%)
    Throat: under-active(0%)
    Third Eye: open(31%)
    Crown: open(38%)
  19. I've seen this before. It's cute, but I deny any correlation between chakras and personality traits in the way the test has depicted it.

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