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  1. It feels like great chains are pinning me to the ground in relationships. It feels like no one wants me, they all just want me to be their friend and drag me to the ground with thier crying and whining about their bad break ups with their boyfriends

    and it just feels hopeless

    every single girl i have met treats me like that

    it s like being caught in a tsunami i suppose, once it consumes you your fucked i guess

    i dont know what the fuck to do any more
  2. Oh man.. You and me both. I hate when this shit happens. Like you try to be nice to a girl and they take it the opposite way you want them to.
  3. all the god damn time

    you see a girl you like and walk up to her and start to flirt and then you get her number and then you call her like the next day and talk to her some more and flirt and let her know that you like her and then ask her out in a week or so after getting to know them somewhat, and then THEY ACT FUCKING STUPID and say oh, i didnt know you liked me like that, and say sorry then immedalty launches into a convo about some boy they like

    fuck that shit


    Even my Ex girls do this, I'm like SHUT UP BEYATCHE!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS.

    I see them when I'm going for a walk, and *gasp* they even start bit*hing to me then.

  5. i love your sig

    i was talking to my language arts teacher the other day as well

    and he was like you so full of it Jason, and i am like, nah i am not full of it, i am just awesome

    i swear i have never seen an old man laugh that hard in my entire life
  6. I always boast about being awesome, and doing stupid poses while I'm at it.

    Like the classic, superman style, hands on hips looking off to space. Or a hulk hogan pose.
  7. this is a big reason i turned into kind of a jerk. id try to actually put the girl first and take care of her needs, and she completely forgets about what i want. i been thru this shit too much. best thing you can do in your interest is avoid the subject altogether. once they start talking about it, change the subject or tell em you gotta go, they'll get the point.

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