CFM required for fan on stealth grow box - +Carbon filter

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    Hey GC,
    Using 2 Rubbermaid totes stacked on top of eachother for a stealth grow, like the one shown below (minus the lids, of course). Wondering if a 60 CFM fan will be enough to push air through a DIY carbon filter, or will the fan not be strong enough for the backflow of air? I imagine the carbon filter makes a fair amount of resistance. I thought for the tiny size of the growspace - about 1.5ft wide x 2 ft long x 3ft high - 60 CFM would be fine. 
    I know people dedicating entire rooms to growing and they only use 440 CFM. 
    CFM = cubic feet per minute of air being pushed out, so if my grow space is only about 9 cubic feet, surely 60 Cubic Feet per Minute of air would be plenty. Just concerned about resistance from the carbon filter.

  2. Rather or not its strong enough for the filter depends on how you make said filter. Can't really take a guess at something that hasn't been made yet, especially when different people make them different ways. 1 guy might use a quarter pound of carbon while the next uses a pound, for example. Obviously the same fan isn't going to handle both filters the same.
    Was thinking of making the DIY filter with pencil cups and sock.

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