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  1. I'm trying to find some fans to cover my MASSIVE grow space. The math for finding the CFM i need is freaking me out though. Can someone double check me?

    Here are the dimensions of my massive space:

    16"x18"x8" (in inches... huge, i know)

    So in order to get the cubic feet, i divide all my dimensions by 12 and then multiply them together?

    i get ~1.4^3

    So at a minimum I only need a fan to cover 1.5CFM? A 60mm fan @12CFM would clear the space 8 times per minute?

    What am i missing? Why do i feel like i need more fans?
  2. you're right on with the math, mate. you've got such a tiny grow area that it doesn't take much more than a small fan to circulate the air through it.
  3. Im planning a build with only around 2cbf and plan on using two 80m fans that will give me almost 60cfm =D

    I figure once you add in heat etc.. more is better the less. and with two fans you can atleast set up a breeze within the box allowing fresh air in and hot air out. Plus once you add a filter to help with the smell it could cut your cfm down buy 1/3 - 1/2 of what it should put out.

  4. Yeah i'm going to use a 60mm for intake, and a 120mm with a filter for exhaust. I really want to make sure i have more going out than coming in. The only problem is that I don't know how to measure how much the filter will affect the exhaust fan's performance.

    But just in case, i'll have the intake blowing over a bottle of Ona gel too.

    I just finished up the case, so I'm doing a heat test to see how hot it gets in there with 1 80mm exhaust fan.

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