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  1. Okay I'm thinking about growing 2 plants at a time and was wondering if 5 x 20w Cfls would capable of putting out the light needed. They're equivalent to 375w and are rated at 1200 lumen each.
  2. For 2 plants that should be fine. But more is better. But im just a beginner too.
  3. well 7 or 8 20W would be better :p but 5 is good , make sure you have the right temp of light like for vegging the cfl must be 6500K and for flowering 2700 K
  4. 23w/100w equiv. give the most lumens per watt and are comonly available. Sylvainia bulbs come in red and blue boxes blue spectrum for veg red for flower.
  5. You need 5 for one plant, and another 2-3 for the second plant (100w per plant + 50w for each additional). Kamel's cfl guide, at the top of the page. Easy.

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