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    I've been lurking in the corners for months now and I've learned a ton, so thank you all.

    My dear, dear "friend" is currently growing 3 was 4, fu**ing males, Dutch Blueberry in a 3x3 ebb & flow. Waters every 2 hours for 2 mins. Plants are being growing in 1" rockwool cubes in 5" pots, in Hydroton. (table is full of hydroton too). He is using Optimum Nutrients, Bud Candy, Sonic Boost, and Zenzyme. Ph is 5.8-6.0 with a current PPM of 1500. Using distilled water.

    Lighting is being done with a 600W HPS in a cooltube with a 6" Exhaust. His question is this. He's using CFL's as side lighting. Are they best emitting light when they are hung Horizontal, or Vertically? He currently has them vertical and think that he loosing a lot of light. The setup is a SCROG and is currently at day 40 of Flowering.

  2. horizontial is the only way to go. ur wasting an enormous ammount of light !

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