Cfls,temps And How Close To Put Your Plant

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  1. hi i have already lost 1 plant due to heat,my second plant is ok and i keep it around 3 inchs from the light,however before i went to bed last night a did a quick check and it was limp,im using coir and perlite mix,plenty of water and the temp is between 80-85 with a fan on im starting to get dishartened here and really need some advice thx guys 

  2. oh and its a nirvana bubblicous auto
  3. How often do you water? Is a fan blowing on the bulbs and plants?

    80-85 shouldn't kill a plant.. where is your thermometer placed?
  4. "Plenty of water" is very subjective, but in general not good for cannabis. 
    How often are you watering? I'd guess that's why it's limp..
  5. i water every couple of day but not to much as the coir holds moisture,thermo is near the plant and the fan was on the bulbs to cool them down slightly
  6. If your using coco with just some perlite added and your temps are 80-85 your soil may be drying out faster then you think. Coco tends to dry out a little quicker then compared to regular soil. When I tried coco with perlite with temps around 77-80 I was watering about every 2-2 1/2 days and with soil about every 3 days. For seedlings I like to keep the soil kinda damp for about the first week. Temps 85 and higher then you need to look for ways to cool it down more, 84 or below and you should be fine. Humidity should be around 30% to 50%. Coco is an inert medium like hydro so your PH range is going to be between 5.5-6.1 with a PH of 5.8 being the safe zone. If you haven't picked out any nutes yet I would look for a brand that says it will also work for coco. Coco based grows also tend to run into calcium and magnesium deficiencies so you may need to pick up a supplement for them like Calmag or MagiCal there are also some other brands I don't recall at the moment. I would also recommend picking up a digital PH meter for liquids so you can maintain the PH going in. Coco is nice but I`m not a big fan of it because it has one thing in common with hydro growing and that's when problems pop up they can hit fast and give you less time to correct the problem as compared to soil. Soil grows are more forgiving when problems pop up and giving you more time to correct it. I know a little bit about coco but not a lot since I only tried it a few times. the link below is to the coco growing section and they know a lot more about it then I do. The last time I tried coco with perlite added I tried an organic nutrient by Botanicare and the plants were suffering from deficiencies, unless the coco is amended with other organic supplements I don't think it works to well with organic nutes. But check out the link below like mention these guys know a hell of a lot more about growing in coco then I do.


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