CFL's Putting out "dirty electricity"?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by GDPkushKILLer, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Modern Eugenics Exposed - CFL light bulbs are poisoning us[/ame]

    any thoughts? comments? I'm interested if there are effects within the plants we grow using them....
  2. Well I gotta tell ya... this blows. I spent a lot of cash to outfit my house with CFLs... looks like Im gonna have to do some serious LED importing from China. Now to find a supplier to sells bulbs that put out enough light on the cheap! Thanks for the video, very interesting stuff.
  3. yeah they're bad... when you break them.
  4. Yeah and they say hair driers have aspestos too.If you have to worry about everything they say causes bad health risks you would have to live in a bubble.
  5. and even then, you would eventually suffocate on your on c02/ and lack of oxygen.. lulz..;)
  6. i call bullshit.

    if you look at the video, the brand that reads EMF

    is the same "brand" that sells the dirty electricity cleaner....

    that's a little rediculous.

    its basically a company "finding" something, then having something to sell you that fixes it.

    ive been around fluorescent light a while now.

    and ive never been told by any electrician whether it be home or general, that theres anything bad in them until they break...

    no shit.

    thats all i got, fresh bong bowl.

    but i think i made sense.
  7. I feel you... Idk what to believe sometimes lol I'll see if theirs any other info on it. Not saying I think its true or not but found it interesting none the less since a large portion of people here use cfls for growing...

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