Cfls or T5's? First grow questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MisterSwisher420, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Im sitting here preparing for my first indoor grow and im not sure what to do. My original plan was to get about 10 Cfl bulbs and to make a grow light using a roasting pan.

    Im looking into t5's and well, the whole t5 setup is about the same price as the cfl maybe even cheaper and it seems like it has a higher power output.

    I was looking at this one in specific.

    Anyone have any tips? I want to start out using 6000k tubes and switch to 2700k for flower. Can I change the tubes on this setup? Where is the best place to get t5 stuff?
  2. Why not just go blurple? Whats the objective? 1 plant 2,3,4? How much space do you have?
  3. Whats Blurple? Im a complete noob. Its my closet and the tent is like 2ftx2 1/2.
    I wanted to grow 1 or 2 and scrog them. So I need a nice even light for the canopy.

    I can make a 'ballast' for cfls that holds 8 for like $20.
    The t5's are like $50-80 for a 96 watt power output. Which seems like shit to use for veg and flower..
    I guess I could get a t5 and then add in like another 4-8 cfls for additional light but im not sure.

    Im just trying to hear everyone's opinions.

    I was also thinking about getting 4 125 watt cfl's, and using those. Considering 1 of those bulbs has a higher output than the t5 setup.
  4. Something like that.
  5. i cant even see it lol.
  6. I tried to reply to this earlier but my connection cut out. I was going to recommend Meizhi also. Can get 135 (actual watts) for about $70-75.
  7. Yeah but with the other cfls I can get like 400 actual watts for around the same price
  8. Like I feel like 135 watts is not enough for even 1 plant through veg and flower.

    Like I wanna get a couple oz's at least off of her. for as cheap as I can.
  9. I just realized you guys sent me LED's. Hmm i might have to look into LED's
  10. I'm using a 175w led in a 4x4 with 3 plants. (Ignore the nute burn..)
  11. I found a 300 watt on amazon for $70 rn. its on sale.
    Same brand as you told me.

    That will definetly grow a couple plants good then ig?
  12. That's not 300 actual watts, it's 135. (Led companies do that crap..)
    But yeah I'd much rather have that than t5s or cfls.
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  13. I've had great results with my t5 setup. Good bulbs and fixtures and definitely got some great smoke from them.
  14. Each "300w" led panel is only good for one plant realistically. I say this having grown a monster plant with a 300w.

    Edit: I now have a 600w hps. Pretty telling, no?

    First grow using cfls.

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