CFL's in Mini Fridge

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ichargerb, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Accidentally posted this under the DIY section so i just moved it just in case your wondering... haha

    Starting a mini fridge grow and im about to set up the lights and need some suggestions... I want to use CFL's and i was checking out these two fixtures

    is six too many CFL's for a mini fridge, i will grow 2 plants max and plan on doing LST any suggestions would be awesome i have never done a stealth grow before (the fridge is about 2x2 on the inside)
  2. What wattage bulbs are you using? 6x9W and 6x40W are totally different lol

    The more light the better as long as you keep the temp and humidity at a good level. If you can keep the temp down, go for the 8 CFL.... or more if u have the room.
  3. ya for sure, both those setups would work great assuming they fit,

    i dont care what any one says, if you test Lumens outside it spikes any meter even in light shade, there is no such thing as too much light for the plant, as long as you can keep heat levels down i recommend atleast 8 CFLs mixed spectrum,

    does the fridge still work??? dont ruin it, you can use it to control your heat, a grow box with built in AC.... if the fridge still works i say get an HPS for flowering, then you would only have to buy one range of CFLs
  4. i broke it i dont wanna run a metal halide or hps too much electricity i have another sea of green growing haha. this is just for fun
  5. ah i see, check out what i got (in my sig.), total difference on my last power bill, $25, i have 8 cfls mixed wattage and ranges,

    i love the fridge idea cuz its already perfect for a scrog setup, just use one of the shelves for your screen even has adjustible hieght,

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