Cfls fittings in a row

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by automan142, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Is it safe to have 4 ceramic fittings all wired one after another to the same plug?

    I only ask as you see living room fittings with 4 bulbs all powered off one wire to one switch and it would make my grow box a lot tidier with 1 plug for the lights.

    If possible would i need a certain fuse to handle the 4 fittings?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. A pic would be nice?
    In the UK for fitting is fused at the wall plug in the socket, in the US you got a fuse box somewheres?
    most growers, me too! use a fused bord or power strip that can handle 4 / 6 assorted type plugs, get one of these at you super store in home electrical, its rated at about 5/amps 240v or 110, plug ya lights into this, while you're at it plug in a fan for the amount of $$$ it uses is very small.
    Take a look at the pics here in this forum for some idea

  3. just buy some 14g wire it handles more watts than u will use in cfls unless you run more than say 1400watts highly doubt it
  4. Please tell me you're joking? Lol
  5. Fourteen-gauge wire meets or exceeds the limits of most household circuits, so your circuit breaker will trip before your power load exceeds the wire's capacity.
  6. you should use the correct size wire for the application

    what wattage are your 4 CFLs?
    when wiring the fitting use cable that is rated for double what your going to put through it
  7. Hope u Dont mind me jumping in here but I need some advice pls guys,say I wanted to run 4 600w lights plus 3 inline fans,2-3 small desk fans,pump n a heater in a uk house what would be the best way of say adding a extra circuit or something to stop the electric from overloading?

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