CFL's are considered "Smart" / check your markets sale pricing

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    Just a note to tell those growing indoors that Publix (grocery chain store in FL) has GE Smart Bulb (26w) single bulbs for 50% off, making each bulb cost $2.44. This is the best price, even though its only the single bulb, its beats the multi-bulb price points at the usual discounters.

    I've purchased 8 in the past 2 weeks, to add more light to my grow.

    I saw somewhere in the news a few weeks ago that there was some kind of stimilus for "Smart" appliances, in an attempt to get consumers to switch over to 'Smart' electric usuage.

    I think this is why these light bulbs are on sale. So my Publix grocery chain in Florida may not be the only supplier offering these bulbs for sale at huge discounts.
  2. Yeah, I've picked up 26 watt (100 watt equiv.) CFLs just for use around the house for as little as 1.50 for a 4 pack on sale at the grocery store.

    It's worth keeping an eye out.

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