CFLs and HPS lights?

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  1. Had my 1st grow this year,didnt know me arse from me elbow but have been bitten by the growing bug.I used a 300 watt dual spectrum cfl in a 19"x32"x6',heat wasnt a problem.Next year Im thinking of switching to 250 watt hps.Should I use the cfl during the veggie stage then switch to the hps or should I use the hps all through both stages? Could I increase the area of grow slightly,20"x45" with the same results? Thanks
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    Get a metal halide switchable ballast and use that for vegetation rather than cfl
  3. what delph said but cfls work pretty well for veg. In general id say cfls are great for veg but the same quality isnt there for flowering.
  4. Thanks guys,think I'll go with the cfl for the first 3ish weeks switching to dual spectrum hps for the remainder.Picking out me seeds for next grow,changed me mind a hundred times.think I'm going with feminised,Acapulco Gold,sentimental reasons,Ak 48,meant to be easier to grow and a Critical i got free with last years seeds.

    I'm in the UK and we have a seed site,Attitude Seed bank and you can pick and mix your order.Most seed site you have to buy 3 or 5 of a seed but with these guys I can buy single seeds of different types.I think thats a great idea.

    Happy and Good Growing New Year:)
  5. FWIW - I have one grow so I am no pro, but on that grow I vegged four plants with about 220 watts of daylight cfls (6100k) and flowered one (the only female) with about 300 watts of the 2700K cfl's and harvested 2 oz.s dry - scrog. I'm sure I would have gotten better results using HPS but for a cheap and sleazy noobie first timer attempt, cfl's got it done for me - plus a lot of reading on this site!

    Happy Growing to All in the New Year!
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    Or you could just use the hps throughout the whole grow. Way faster veg than cfl.

    Edit: since you already have a cfl, throw that in as well. Your plants will start jizzing.(jk, but they would definitely love the extra light!)
  7. Ta guys,to be honest I wish i had the space to run the cfl and hps on the same seeds to see how they compare,that would be interesting.Somebody must have done it somewhere?
  8. I would use the cfl for 2-3 weeks just until the seedlings find their feet and switch to the hps. you can use the hps further away instead but I feel this is just wasting electric.

    increasing your grow area can only increase your yield but with that width your not going to be pulling much off the plants in the far border, that's quite a distance for the 250w to reach. you may find 2x 150w hps will have a better spread over that distance and they will only use a little more electricity
  9. Yep that's the plan jetski,Just checked your grow,excellent mate,fair play,you mind if I drop in every so often,looks very interesting.
  10. I would use the hps from the beginning. A 250w puts out very little heat and is much more efficient. Cfls are ok if you have nothing better, but they just don't compete with hid no matter what stage your plants are in.
  11. I'll agree with the, just use the hps side. It's what I've learned to prefer during my first year of growing. I forgot the size of your room but another thing I agree with that was said is, consider 2 150's if the room is a bit wider or deeper then ideal. Going with 1 big light instead of 2 medium lights is my number one noob decision regret.

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