CFL's all the way thru??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Lilmiss, May 1, 2006.

  1. I've got 2 plants and they just seem to be eating up the light that ive got over them. Ive got 3x 40w cfl's on top of them right now.

    I'd like peopls oppinions on whether CFL's can be used all the way through and still produce some bud at the end. I realise that MH or HPS are alot better for flowering, but if its not financially right at the moment...

  2. Blah! LoL!

    It'll work...

    Just your final result will not be as impressive as if using MH or HPS.

    Dont get me wrong tho..flos are good; used correctly. Ive seen a 500k watt flo setup on overgrow. It was sick! But I mean...thats 500k watts! Not some little tiny 35watt CFL.

    If you have to use flos, buy the higgest wattage you can and stock up on them!

    Try to have atleast 6 - 45 watt CFLS = 270 watts. That should do ya.

    Have fun and be safe :D
  3. are they 40 watts, or 40 watt equiv.? I have 1 plant under 2 100 watt equivs right now, about a week away from harvest.. so yea theyll work all the way through. Just have em as close as possible and you can fget some amazing results
  4. do not knock the power of the cfl,,,,,they are cheap to buy,,,,run very cool,,,dont eat up much electricity,,not a fire hazard,,ive seen some grows [ nexxus]] they will do you fine,,,just keep them as low as possible,,, and if you could make a homemade reflector for it that would be a +.....good luck
  5. i forgot to mention i got 3 cfls,,,, supplementing light to my lower canopy that my 400 hps is slacking in on 3 of my plants..
  6. To clarify, that is true about HPS but not MH for flowering.
  7. allright so i have no idea when i wrote that but i def dont need it. I ended up getting a 400HPS that does the job. I dont know what it was about

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