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  1. What is the max number of CFL 42 watt bulb I can safely wire together to plug into a 120 volt outlet. Using 18 gauge wires to the socket.(not sure if this matters) and what gauge wire should I use to plug them in? The math involved in coming to the correct answer would be helpful too.
  2. wellllllllll....................

    If you have a 15 amp service going to that socket you can hang 1,800 watts on that puppy.
    So that would be roughly 42 of those CFLs.
    What that is going to do to you 18 gauge wire is another question...
  3. Well I want to wire 8 of them the 18gauge is going to be coming from each of the sockets all stepping up to a larger, still to be determined, gauge wire which will be plugged into the wall
  4. 8 x 42 = 336 watts = ~ 0.36 amps

    14 g is rated at 15 amp

    I think you'll be OK.

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