cfl?what to look for

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by poundsandkeys, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. what lumns do I look for when getting cfls?
  2. As many lumens as you can.:).you can get the 1750lumen (27w) cfls at homedepot/lowes or look for some flourex lights they put out around 8000+ lumens .
  3. I got 2 cfl's from wal-mart they are fluorex sunlight bulbs that put out 1152 lumens and use 20W only 8 bucks
  4. yea man , i got 2 2900 lumen blubs 45 watt from canadian tire 13.99 each
  5. There are some realllly amazing cheap cfl's at some place for 1$, i beleive they only give out 1000 lumens.. but if you throw a bunch into a pie tin ( or anything for a reflector ) itl add up and BANG! If moneys not an issue, check the enviro-lites at a hydro store, theyr super high wattage and will penetrate better.

    Just gotta be sure that u keep them as close as possible to your plants

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