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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by guerilla45, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. as for all lamps they all lose intensity . or the wouldnt say they all lose intensity after a few months to a year. its ( all math aside ) how you get the light where it needs to be and the simplist way i see this post is that cfl does a better job for the space he has for TOTAL COVERAGE OF THE PLANT not just on top of the cannopy like a t5. i dont know how this is all blown out. lol
  2. Always,brother,always :D

    Still miss 'school' though :(

    Everyone ok?Send my 'good karma' to the class for me:wave:

    And understand completely ' You Wish' ROFLMAO:laughing:!
  3. Just had to jump in too didn't ya.Jigg:D

    Love my CFLs - White Widows are pushing 3' tall under 'em & wouldn't trade them for the world + only added $15-20 a month on electric bill for 2000 watts (reg - 486 CFL) on 18/6 so I aint gonna fight that:)

  4. Dude, don't bother. Seriously, the guy just found out what the inverse square law is after "25 years in the know". Just leave it alone. He is going to believe what he wants to believe. After all, he has 25 years in the know. ;)
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    yeah i did texy,i dont use math either n have no i dea what the math answer to light is per whatever but , shit like that doesnt realy matter to people like us does it.
    cfl's work for small spaces n i dont doubt that for a second since i've done it n use them for moms n clones . simple +/least expensive +/efficient = my math.

    people just want to hate n will go out of their way .its whatever texy. bottom line is cfls work better in some cicumstances no matter how many years people grow .

    i am happy for you n your plants . they will be delightfull i'm sure...
  6. growing is turning to rocket science for sooooo many, and I laugh to my self when I see a grow that was produced with all that electricty and it dont compare to my 104 total watt grow. some folks get so tied up in the "tech" shit that they forget that there is a plant involved. I have never needed a tranverse anything for my babies. its just a matter of "utility" and adaptation. But I guess that when I produce 2 1/2 ozs of PRIME smoke with 104 watts of light then It proves that I don't know what I am talkin about. but the grow is there and we can see it from start to finish. and the final conclusion: No flouro of any type has done that for me, ever! and I have yet to see a compareable grow with just a T5 at the same wattage, so for all general purposes SHOW ME THE GROW!
  7. Wait'll ya see what my 'babies' will give me w/CFLs:D

    And I don't even PH or nothing - just organics,right Kelvins & basic plant knowledge can grow anything:)
  8. lumens really dont mean anything when growing its all about color temperature(kelvins). 2200k-2700k optimal for flowering and 5500k-6500k optimal for vegging. Lumens just refers to how bright it is to the human eye the plants just absorb the color of the light. Also like always the more watts the better.


  9. you need to make sure about your ph texy . it has to be within range or you will get big problems. make sure you water with no less than 6.2 or higher than 7.0 ... you will regret not prepareing with a tester. the plants will lock out and basicaly stop growing then die if they cant eat properly without have n the range at 6.5 to 7.0
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    Tell that to my 2" long blackberry & 1 -1/2 lb Beefsteak tomatoes still green on the vine (wwill include pics 4 u:)

    1 & only time I gave them full strength tea they got nute burn! Follow the pics & see if I'm doing alright.

    Here they are :)

    Any help on sexing the 1 in close ups would be greatly apperciated - got hairs on the other 4 & don't want 1 bad 'boy' to ruin my girls :(

    Thank you very much,Jigg:)
  11. Oh & I do have testers & test about once a week for grins - never been higher than 6.8 & that was w/the full strength nute tea!
  12. Old lady needs help w/lights and when you need advice it's best to ask the best for help! CFLs and Barney's LSD do a hell of a grow (about 1-1/2 ozs of buds per plants :) but think I can do better....just need to know what to do to get my system better! Doing 2 Barney's LSD and 2 Female C99s (been waiting to try this 1! If 1/2 as good as the LSD I'll be happy woman ;-) and any help from the 'gorilla' ;-) of grows would be appreciated! Hope you,yours and your business is doing well and have missed the City...old stoners never go away ..we just kinda fade in and out :)
  13. i'm using a 100 w cfl and an addtional 42 w cfl and will let you know how my results go. I've actually gotten over and ounce per plant usiing just 3 42 w cfls and the strain was sour diesel.

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