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  1. What does everyone think? I know the best thing for flowering is HPS but give your opinion on this comparison!

  2. I don't have the link anymore but i remember reading MH is better for flowering because of the light spectrum it produces
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    its is for quality not yield, hps yields more, ALOT of old school growers i talk to tell me to only use 1000w MH's but i like my hps and im thinkin of adding in a cmh for the extra spectrum. forgot, im not a fan of cfl's except for vegging seedlings, bad penetration, u have to have the lights crazy close, still not gonna have fat nugs, and the amount of bulbs that it requires to get a decent yield you could get a good HID ballast for, if you look hard enough.
  4. Thats kinda hard to awnser.wattage would be issue
  5. equal actual wattage 250w cfl VS 250w MH. Let's assume that we are talking about single bulbs.
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    250w of cfl will not put out the lumens as a 250w mh... but with cfl you can control the light spectrum. The answer is: use the MH with some 3000k color temp 30w cfls.
  7. dexorated, yeah man this is what I'm doing at the moment, 250 MH and a bunch of 2700k's, 200w total or so. Would have used an HPS if I had one obviously. Just seems weird that 250w of cfls, supposed to be an equivalent of 1000w more or less, puts out less lumens than a 250w metal halide.

  8. That's because 250 watts of cfls is equal to the lumens of 1000 watts of incandescent lights, which still don't have as many lumens as a 250 watt metal halide (metal halide is a different type of bulb than an incandescent)
  9. Makes sense actually, thanks man.

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