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  1. I'm starting a small 3-5 grow, reggies. I'm currently germinating my seeds in my closet, and I have a couple of questions about my grow setup I'm planning.

    Once all my seeds germinate which I'm hoping should be tomorrow or the next day I'm going to be transplanting them into small pots. I have a large tupperware tub that I have lined with reflective tape. I plan on letting them grow in there until they outgrow the tub, then I'm moving them outside. Also, note that I plan on ventilating the tub with two fans, one intake and one exhaust.

    What I'm wondering about is what people recommend for light.

    I have a various assortment of plenty of low wattage 13-18w cfls as well as some 150-200w incandescents. What would the knowledgeable blades out there suggest to me? just the cfls? Just the incandescents? a mixture of both?

    Also any suggestions on soil and fertilizer? I know both of these can be easily found in stickys and the search threads I just want to hear what specific people's experiences are, not some guide.
  2. just use the cfl's, the incandescents wont do anything beside raise your electricity bill. and youll want to use daylight cfls. keep them about 2 inches away from the top of the plant. and only one plant per pot.
  3. get 26 watt CFLs. Never use incandescents. if you get the incans close enough to your plant to be useful then they will burn your plant. they are most useless. I dont like using anything smaller than 26 watts. I have a couple 13 watt CFLs but wont use them on plants cause the visible light difference is huge. the 13 watt lights look useless and to a point actually are unless you have a ton of them.
  4. So 26watt cfls would be your minimum reccomendation then 8ishop?

    I'll have to stop by the home depot soon...
  5. I started with 13W's cause that's what we had, but they sure didn't grow as fast as they should have...the growth really took off once I got 23W daylight bulbs in there. Cfl's are fine, esp if you're on a budget/need to keep electricity and heat down, but get some better ones, the low wattage won't do much. We settled for 23W's, but I will likely invest in 42's bit by bit. Oh, and keep the cfl's within 2-4 inches of your plants, all the time. :D

    Good luck.

  6. I feel that 26 watt CFLs are the best way to go all together. You can also get 23 watt bulbs wich i think put out the same lumens. They just vary by brand. I use 26 watt 6500k 1600 Lumen CFLs. a four pack cost no more than $10. That is about 100 watt 6400 lumens. You get a bright light and can really surround you plant with a bunch of these.

    You can get bigger CFLs but the cost per lumen goes up really fast. Ive no idea what the 64 watt lights put out for lumens but they cost more for one bulb than 4@26 watts. Anouther thing good about using a many 26 watt oppose to a few 64 watt is that the heat is not concentrated as much.

    However, if I can be happy with value on higher watt CFLs in the 2700k spectrum then I will try to get 40+watt lights for flowering in hopes that the extra brightness will penetrate the buds better. For the simple question, yes 26 watt (or 23 watt) would be my minimum recomendation. Even if you did get a shit ton of 13 watt lights to be useful, you would have to spent a shit ton of money on a shit ton of sockets to put those lights in.
  7. Haha yeah thats what I was kind of thinking, It would be a paint in the ass to mount to the tub as well. I wonder if there is like a multi bulb socket that holds like 6 or so. Ahh I can't wait to go to home depot. ^_^ Thanks for the help everyone.

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