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  1. this is my first grow and was wondering if im ok with using a 42W soft white light 2600 lumens would work for the veg stage untill i had enough to buy more lights im asking this becuase i read that day light is the best to use.
  2. Use 6500K CFLs for veg. Try a mega mart, like Lowes. They have 'em cheap.
  3. hmm damn eh so not much point in running it under this light untill flowering stage eh
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    if its one plant, and its not very big you may be able to hold out for a little bit. but youre going to need more as it grows even thought itll still be vegging. buy more as soon as you can. i saw a guy flowering a couple females with 3-23 watt 6500K cfl's and they looked really good. just place the light as close to the plant as you can without burning it. and have it in a small space where all the light is reflected. if someone can flower 2 plants with 3-23 watt 6500K cfls with no 2000K light what so ever and the plants still look good, you should be ok for now.

    at home depot they sell "Y" light socket splitters for $3. get one asap and get another 42 watter. that might hold you out for long enough for you to be able to get a small HPS system. a 150 watt is less than $100. or you can grow LST style and get 1 5 1/2 inch clamp lamp from home depot, and another socket splitter. thatll give you a total of 4 cfls which will do you fine. esp growing LST.
  5. iight thanks man
  6. Soft white bulbs are 2700k, spectrum best for flowering. Daylight bulbs are 5000-6500k and are best for Veg. You can use the soft white bulbs to Veg but I wouldn't do it for long. It won't grow as big or as full as it would if you had daylight bulbs on it.
  7. quick question. i have 6 6500k bulbs for vegging right now. can i just switch to 2700k bulbs for flowering? or should i just go hps?
  8. You can do either, but i would suggest an HPS if you can.
  9. thanks for the help everyone! i got some of the y splitters and got five lights going now all in the day light spectrem and just picked up three clones

    anyways thanks for the help especaily with the y splitters.. duh

    toke on!

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