cfl touching rope

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by leftover4ooz, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. might be a dumb question...but im paranoid

    is it okay for cfl bulbs to be laying on rope?
    like i plan to use rope crossed together and just have the cfl bulbs sittin on top of it.

    shouldnt be an issue right?
  2. If you want to be cautious wrap the rope in something like aluminium foil...I've had CFLs touching cardboard before and just to be safe i put a layer of mylar between the card and the CFL, I'm still here so it didn't cause any fire :p
  3. tin foil? id think tin foil would be more of a risk than rope

    but if cardboard aint gonna light up im sure ropes safe

    thanks dude
  4. What kind of rope? Fibers light up faster then something solid. Think kindling vs log or dense nug vs shake. Sure you may be safe but I don't know, this seems like a perfect place for a preventive tactic.
  5. good point...say you wrapped it in duct tape?
    outside of duct tapes got no chance of lightin up
  6. Sounds a bit better I suppose. Personally I'd just try to prevent bulbs touching anything really if possible but since I have my wife and kid here maybe I'm a bit overly paranoid with fire hazards.
  7. I wouldnt let cfls touch anything those babies get pretty hot to the touch. No reason really to have cfls touching a rope with some imagination, magnets zip ties sound like a better option.
  8. why on earth would you want them touching rope? some materials burn easier than others but anything other than steel cord will pose a risk. besides all that, light isn't going to travel through rope and with cfls you need as much light as possible

    if you struggling to find a way of suspending the lamps just say, there are tons of ways to hang them. having them sitting on rope is not the way to go
  9. It's only okay for hot lights to touch flammable objects if you have life insurance.

    If so, you're golden, my friend. Go for it!

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