CFL to HPS midway thru flowering

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  1. Just picked up a 400w HPS that I'm debating whether to replace the current setup of cfl's mid way through flowering as my plants are starting week 6 of flower. Anyone know if there's a significant increase changing it out now or should I just wait until the next round after these finish?

    Grow area is 3' x 3' with 12 cfl's in reflectors totaling 312w true watts. Total of 21,200 lumens.
  2. I dont see how itd hurt. Just keep it high the first few days or turn it down some if its dimmable. Hps is better than cfl when it comes to yield and density

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  3. Definitely make the switch but only if you can control the heat from the HPS, you'll be happy you did.

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    You will see a significant difference. HPS puts out more than twice the light compared to CFLs of the same wattage, plus your HPS is of a larger wattage too
  5. thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like it's time to switch lights

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