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  1. Hi this is my first time even attempting to grow and I have done quite a bit of research and am going to start a stealth pc grow, this has to be stealth including odor, I am going to do this all organic and don't expect the best results just a decent bit of smoke.

    PC Growbox specs
    17" x 17" x 7.5" (HxDxW)I know this case is small (looking for a bigger one) and I accept the challenge to grow completely stealthy.
    going to use 3 fans one from the psu which is an exhaust fan and two intake fans the alternative that I have used to mylar is a cheap emergency blanket (feels like kitchen foil -.-) I have spent bare minimum on this and plan on only paying for the must haves.The Lights I am using are 3 x 23w 2700k CFL lights, I am not sure about what soil to use I am planning on using coco coir as this is suppose to be good for organic grows (not stuck on being organic just want to spend as little as possible) I am open for suggestions however I cant use ffof as I live in the UK. For odor control I will be using ona prog blocks and possibly ona gel on the blades of the exhaust fan.I will be using a SCRog and LST to get bets results.
    I plan on using a cutting from a friend, I don't know the strain, if I cant get a cutting it would probably be bagseed that I'll use. Thats it I think I'm open to any suggestions or any input hope to be succesful with this and get a bit of smoke.

  2. Okay so after a lot more research I realized that I would need at least one 6400k cfl for veg so I bought a 20w 6400k just need all my other materials and stuff to arrive now.(bought all of ebay) I am now waiting for ; 20w 6400k CFL, 2 x coco coir, Digital LCD thermometer and Hydrometer, Digital PH meter, Ona Blocks, Ona gel and 3 bayonet plugs for the lights. cant wait for all this to arrive once it has arrived I'll get a cutting from a friend and start growing :D I'm going to keep this journal updated every or every other day.

    Wish me luck also I have questions about the following; water schedule, how long to veg and is it possible to LST in veg and then SCRog when flowering? (I planned on doing this first but saw a post where someone said it ruins the plant) or something just want to make sure? :)
  3. First thing Id do is plan on using all 6400K or 5000k bulbs for veg. They really like the daylight color temps in veg. You can have one 2700K in there but for veg Id stay 5000K or more for all bulbs. LST and scrog should really be done in veg. Once she starts making fruit its best not to fock with her. A little bending here and there is OK but I wouldnt scrog once it flowers. Get that all done before and give it a week or two to settle into its new growth pattern. If it gets too tall, you can lightly bend pliable(newer) stems a few times each day and they will take the shape of the bend. That can help when height is a big issue. I had to do that and it worked great. Otherwise, no major screwing around during flower - too much can go wrong.

    As for watering, eventually you'll be able to tell when shes thirsty just by the weight of the pots. After a good watering, make a mental note of how heavy the pot feels. Then, after a few days start checking it. When it feels considerbaly lighter its time to water. Or, I have used a toothpick/popsicle stick and stick it about 2-3 inches down into the soil. If it comes out clean and feels dry, time for a bath. If the toothpick comes out with any dirt on it or feels moist, leave it be. Cannabis needs water to survive but too much drives it crazy and messes with the roots. I am currently doing a few PC Grows and my girls need watering every 3-4 days on average. I suspect thats about right for most PC grows. Temp and humidity play a role too.

    Hope that helps get you on your way. Take a look at RoadLizard and Moshirys PC grow pro thread to see our progress and get an idea of how great a PC grow can come out! I just updated some new photos today.
  4. Sadly I haven't got any more money for lights, would it still grow in veg with two 2700k and one 6400k? I plan dont expect good results from this grow tbh but everyone starts somewhere :) I'll go and have a look at your threads now. thanks for everything :) I will start updating as soon as I get all my stuff in the post.
  5. That'll be fine - its a weed... it wants to grow!

    You'll be surprised at the results. Anything you do to help the plant along will be worth it at harvest time. Cannabis grows pretty much no matter what in very harsh conditions sometimes outside and its just fine. Indoors, the plants probably think they are at Club Med for weed and life is good.

    Will check for updates when you do them :)
  6. Ahaha yeah I suppose :) and thanks for all the help hope you have some suggestions wants I get growing, would you say it makes a huge difference weather I use nutes or not?

  7. Nutes do help quite a bit. Like I said, weed is used to be treated like weed. When you pamper it with good nutes and soil, it returns the favor. Of course, it will grow fine without nutes too just maybe not as vibrantly. For a first grow, just getting the basics down is good enough. However, if you can add just some simple, low-dose nutes it would help your grow.

  8. Yeah I think I will use the basics when I'm like 2 weeks into the grow, I cant wait now ahah hate waiting for things off the internet, thanks for the help :)
  9. Quick update, I am not going to be using a cutting now I'm going to be using a holy grail 96 by samsara seeds feminsed. Hopefully I get some good results :) few more days now :D
  10. Subbed. Good luck on this :)

  11. Thanks :) hope I don't disappoint :')
  12. Okay so today I received most things I've been waiting for in the post (coco coir, lights,light holder, emergency blanket, PH tester) So today I ripped off the old emergency blanket which was very cheap and foil like and put the new reflector in, then I hooked up the lights and the fans after abit of testing I realised alot of light escaped from the case I then attempted to fix this and now my case is all ready yay :) just waiting for my seed in the post and I'll be ready to grow my baby




  13. Great news. Fingers crossed seed turns up quick
  14. Sadly I don't think my seed is coming, should be here by now I think its lost in the post so I was wondering if anyone will sell me a feminized seed? please? I can send money via paypal :)
  15. Where did you order them from?
    I've used and they always come the next day!
  16. I didnt actually buy them it was from a member on this site said he'd send me one for free but it still hasnt turned up so I think he probs forgot or something ahaha and I will have to wait for a week before I even use my card because I lost it on New Years thanks anyways :')
  17. I am going to have to wait for my new bank card to turn up, then i'll buy one online
  18. using 6400k bulbs is preferable but I wouldn't worry if you only have the one. using all 6400ks helps keep stretching at bay but seeing as your going to be ScrOGing it really doesn't matter so much

    if you do ScrOG it I would suggest using more than one plant so you can fill the screen up quicker. using an auto will speed things up too if you have to start from seed.

    I have never grown in a box as small as a pc case but check out my diary in my signature (bottom one), I'm using a 11x12x20" box and ScrOGing several plants in it so our grows are pretty similar
  19. I should be getting another 6400k 24w soon so just waiting for it to turn up :) would I fit more than one plant inside that case? its very small and I should also be getting a larger pc case which is what I will be using :) thanks for all the help
  20. you could fit several plants in there but the more you put in the smaller each one has to be. you should be looking for a particular amount of plant in there by the time its finished. 1 "big" one or a few smaller ones make little difference. using multiple small ones does fill up your area faster so if using clones its a good idea, but using seeds you need to wait until their ready anyway so having several plants may not be the way to go

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