CFL stealth hydro grow (suggestions appreciated)

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  1. so i started building stealth grow box with the intentions of using regular spiral cfl bulbs for a soil grow... but i ended up goin a little more hi-tech with better chances of dank bud... but here goes... my setup is for a single clone that i plan on buyin as soon as i finish the setup..

    the walls look a little shitty cause i needa get a caulking gun to fill the seams once all the walls are screwed to the inside.. then ima paint them white... (dont wanna use mylar..) would chrome spray paint increase the spread of light or would white be best?

    intake fan cluster

    inside the box with two 13w 2 prong cfl bulbs... 900 lumens each.

    i also plan on adding some more cfls at the top... add at least 7000 more lumens in there... dunno how many lights i need but whatever it takes..

    inside with the two 13w cfl's

    thats a different reservoir i dont plan on using for the plant... switch for the lights in the back upper left... fans on 24/7.

    front of cab with lights off and front on before i add hinges and light proof it.

    sorry the pictures are so blurry... also what you cannot see- i have a 5" inch hole on top i plan on using for a 5" exhaust fan leading to a DIY carbon filter... then ima toss a hat or something over the filter. (if i put a piece of carbon filter on the back and just put it over the fan would it effect the smell?

    gimme suggestions... advice... anything to make this project work..


  3. hi mate whats up. looks good to me. What about white paint on the inside? Easy to do and helps a lot to bright things up in there!
  4. carbon filter should work for the smell, that should b enough light for a clone but when it gets bigger ive heard u need 3500-5000 lumens per plant as a minimum. i would move the intake as far down as you can, that way your getting the fresh air hitting your whole plant, and if smell is a problem make sure u have more of an exhaust then intake, because you dont want to push air out of any cracks or holes. if theres enough exhaust u shouldnt even need a fan for an intake the air should just come in on its own.

    and yes make sure u use flat white paint on the inside
  5. So your saying that flat white will reflect better than the somewhat reflective duct tape I have? Also- I have a cluster of 3 intake fans at the very bottom right side wall.. Two 3" fans and one 2" fan. I plan on adding, along with the 2 small light on the side, a 65w or 70w flourex flouro at the top and 4 more small 26w or 3 more 42w spiral bulbs at the top. Anyone heard any good reviews about the flourex 65/85w bulbs? I heard they produce "phony" lumens. Is there such thing and could I use it all the way through flower? Any info is appreciated.
  6. if u use all those fans for exhaust u will get a better air exchange and better smell control. and yes use flat white paint over duct tape. i hav no idea what the reflectivity is of duct tape but im sure flat white is better and will last longer

  7. The duct tape I have isn't the dull flat grey kind. Its actually reflective. And are you saying no intake fans??? Its growing in a closet so in that case how would I bring in the cool air without any intake fans? And could someone explain co2 enrichment to me? Am I able to grow in higher temperatures? Thanks.

    - 2T
  8. i would still prefer white paint over reflective metalic (or plastic). But if you allready have that reflective tape then use it...its nowhere to be seen in the pics though.
  9. sorry- heres a picture of the tape i have already in there along with a better picture showing the intake fans... its kinda sloppy right now cause i plan on ripping out the shitty walls inside and actually putting wood in there to better fit the corners... but still- stick with the tape or just go flat white when i put new wood inside to make the walls better and box more air tight? any ideas on how i can make the door air tight and flush against the cab?

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  10. I just slap a coat of flat white paint ont and put it to work. I have never seen a benifit from trying to get plastic pannels up that are thin as tissue paper....did i mention it has to be wrikle also cant have 5,000,000 staple holes in it where i missed the stud or got a wrinkle after i stapled it........grrrrrrrr........ white paint is easier and much less taxing on your patience.......
  11. I use 200W CFL for a cabinet half of that height, and a little more ground area. growth speeds seems reasonably.

    So I would recommend at least 300W, or better 400W. I do not know if you like it to bundle many smaller CFLs, but I made good experience with that, together with 2 or 3 tubes as well.

    2x 13W is not enough if you ask me. And I would add tin foil sheets to the walls. If you have worries about leaves touching the CFL bulbs, cover them with plastic, for instance from PET bottles. it's not so good becomes brittle after a while, but prevents leaves from buring when they touch the lamps.
  12. Use the paint because that silver tape will just up you temps. I personally use the glossy side of white poster board which reflects a shit load of light. And yes use your fans for exhaust, it sounds crazy but 2 exhaust's are better then 1 intake and 1 exhaust as long as you are not making that dresser air tight and air does have some small cracks to be sucked in. Nothing large just not air tight.

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