CFL sprouted 1/24 6 Randon strains

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  1. germinated them in my bong lol
    DAY 11 Veg for 3 more weeks
    quickness is key
    Strain: random seeds from around my room
    Soil: fox farm ocean forest
    Light:4x26w daylight bulbs
    Mylar-ed every possible inch
    no fan, yet

    check my really cheap and practical CFL set up and pics of the ladies
    i can move the lights up the power strip as they grow and then move the hook the close hanger is on up as well

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  2. and some more AUT_0326.JPG

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  3. Lookin good bro..i'll be watchin:D:hello:
  4. Thanks. This is my 1st grow but i have read a whole lot, still have to re-pot 2 of them though.
  5. good morning bump
    day 19 veg
    re-potted the other 2 and they are looking good
    check out all the different strains its crazy how different they all are:D
    If you know what strains any of these are feel free to share your knowledge, i'm a 1st time grower.


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  7. and some more random shots....

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  8. did u ever get a fan? i think a fan improves the plants health alot by getting it fresh co2, it will also make ur plant work on making the stalk stronger and bigger to hold bigger denser buds.
  9. waiting for some money to get one probably another week
  10. good good, yea man ur plants are looking great. cant wait to see flowering.
  11. They are looking really good and healthy... nice job
  12. any ideas on the strains?
  13. update,
    3 weeks old and they are doing great i would say they are pretty big for 3 weeks but i have no clue
    moved them into this room in our attic its a pretty convenient room since these 2 doors and the doorhandles on both have a trick to opening them, so it works out

    grow room
    floor and the 3 walls covered in mylar
    2 pieces of mylar draped over the front with slits cut for the wires
    took a piece of wood and mounted the power strips on them screwed hooks into the top of the piece of wood and hung it with strings, getting chains soon and another bulb or 2 only have 4*26w 6500k
    grow room:
    plant height:
    2 different strains:
    anyone know the strain of the on wit skinny leaves????
    Lighting fixture:

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  14. lookin good man, keep it up!

    i'm new to growing, so i can't help you out w/ the strains. if its got longer & thinner leaves and is taller & lankier (sp?) its a sativa dominant plant. More bushy w/ fatter leaves its a indica dominant plant. Idk if you knew that, but that's about all i can tell you lol

    good luck man! doin great so far :smoke:
  15. anyone know what is going on???

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  16. more pics coming today when i get out of work, almost all of them are sick with the leaves being all f'ed up, pics are coming.
  17. here are picks of the various problem leaves, please help
    bottom leaves of one plant

    nice skinny sativa leaves
    the fertilizer i used i think i used to much..

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  18. Overall they look pretty healthy.

    How old are they? and your still vegging, correct?

    The purpling stems could just be related to the strain your growing or could be a deficiency. The fert your using is pretty low in N for a vegging fert, but your FFOF should carry you through 3 or 4 weeks. Sometimes that purpling can be a sign of N deficiency. I use FF Grow big which is a 6-4-4 fert but dont start till around week 4 cause I'm in FFOF.

    What fert are you going to use in Flower?
  19. i haven't switched it to 12/12 yet for fertilizer i will probably just use something i find at the store, probably bio bloom its half off right now!, i def nute burned the plants they are recovering tho
    added 2 more 26w cfls.
    i hope to switch to 12-12 soon o i can start my 10 blue ryder seeds and 10 auto ak47 x auto bluberry seeds. both auto strains!
  20. where did you get your light sockets? nice plants just days away from starting some seed can't wait. you got some nice plants keep it up:cool:

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