CFL Scrog Grow...i'm back..

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by westLAtoker, May 25, 2009.

  1. what's up people...haven't been on here in a really long time. looks like there's been a massive increase in growers on this site which is pretty nice. i'll post links to my old grow journals later so you can check em out...

    anyway, i'm planning to start a fourth grow, which is going to be more eco-friendly as I don't have the funds to sponsor the type of garden I used to have. I moved to a new location some time ago, so I sold all my pricey growing supplies.

    as far as grow space and equipment, i'm making a relatively small grow box which will probably measure about 3ftx4ftx3.5ft. i need to keep the garden canopy at a low height, which is why i'm doing a scrog. For vegging, i'm planning on using two 100W-equivalent CFLs for the top, and two 60W-equivalent bulbs for the sides. For flowering, i'm either going to add a 150W-equivalent CFL to the top, or add a 100W-equivalent LED light. LED lights have a nice lumen output and use less electricity than a CFL. They also last for about 30,000 hours and don't emit much heat. In order to keep up the eco theme, i intend to flower early so that less electricity is used.

    i have a bunch of seeds from my old grows, which is a combination of hashberry, blueberry and ultra haze hybrids. there was a pollen infestation in my old garden from a hermie so i'm not sure what the hybrids are. time will tell. :smoking:
  2. Any word on your grow? I'm keen to see updates with pics.

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