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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jomoyo069, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. alrite.. so i plan on growing a 2-4 plants and keeping the females prolly 1-2 if lucky.. i plan on using cfls.. i want to use this one http://www.plantlightinghydroponics...-6500k-7900-lumens-cfl-grow-light-p-1769.html
    for the tops but i am going to need more lights for the sides.. i was wondering what is the easiest way to setup around 6- 26w cfls around the plants.. do i have to go out and buy 6 lamps or is there an easier way? any suggestions would be helpful..

  2. You can buy splitters from, home depot and lowes so you can plug 3 bulbs in one socket.
  3. i need them to be spread out not all from the same socket
  4. Then i'm not sure bro, but you do know you need 100 watts per plant?
  5. yeah i know that one on top is 150w cfl plus the others im gonna put on the sides
  6. go buy a few metal clamp lights from hd/lowes or wal mart and just those around the sides.
  7. does that 150 watt CFL screw into a regular light socket?
  8. i believe its alrdy in a socket, u just hang it and plug it in.
  9. o so i decided to change my idea to just hanging up around 10 cfls above and 2 or 3 or the sides with the clamps
  10. damn 13 cfl's? unless cooling is an issue, i don't get why you don't just get an HPS light.
  11. its in my closet.. i dont have room for a hps

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