CFL Rubbermaid Grow Box

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    Made my first rubbermaid grow box in order to start growing for my own personal use. Kind of new to the growing thing, meaning that I have helped friends in the past but this time I am flying solo dolo. I built my box using:
    - 2 18-Gal rubbermaid totes (stacked)
    - 6 CFL light bulbs
    - 1 4" exhaust fan
    - 3 passive intakes
    - Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil

    Please let me know what you guys think! I am open to all advice/ criticism and feel free to ask questions!

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  2. Subbed. Looking good man.

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  3. i know its been awhile but i took some new pics of the plant. i have "Fimmed" twice now (first time doing it but it looks like it worked). and i am doing some LST (low stress training), attempting to get some sunlight to those lower nodes. please let me know what u guys think, enjoy!

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