Cfl Royal Dwarf - First Grow

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  1. Yeah this is what i am thinking too. Something like tin foil, nothing else is going to fit in there.
  2. Any update on the harvest? And did it really only take about 27 days from sprout to harvest?

    I'm growing the same strain at the moment so would be nice to get a rough estimate.
  3. The plant will be cut this friday, not much visible changes have occured other than the buds have bocome a little bigger and a little denser :) snd this is why i did not update with new pics.
    The strain does not take 27 days from seed to harvest, in their official site it is stated that it takes 9 weeks but i have let it for 10 weeks. Next one might go to eleven but this one i started flushing already. Well first grow so some mistakes are bound to happen.
  4. Last day of the lady. Tomorrow she will be cut. I will update as soon as i can, right now she is 1.5 day darkness and has not been watered for the same time.
  5. She was killed yesterday:p Small plant not much to trim but thats not so bad.
    I am pleased by how she turned out, for a first grow and since i wanted her for personal use i dont care about the weight too much (of course it is a fector i care about) Anyway i can not weight her right now but will do when she is dried

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  6. how many days from seed did you harvest?
  7. 10 weeks and 2 days

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