CFL Reflector w/ Air Extraction

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  1. This is:
    a thin piece of wood panel cut an inch shorter than the length and width of my cab.
    Mylar wrapped tightly around it and duct taped to the back side.
    Holes drilled, sockets installed and secured with a few nuts.
    btw, right here is the hook up for sweet deals on sockets!
    LAMP SOCKETS - PHENOLIC (Bakelite) Shell, Medium (Edison) Base - National Artcraft
    I'm using "C" for :cool:

    My hangers are made of a two long strands of wire, stripped on both ends about an inch or so.
    Wrap the stripped ends around some screw heads, drive them into a board. Put a nut or key ring around the middle of both of the wires to make a loop, and hang it from there!

    The air extracting still needs a little tweaking, but check it out anyway! :D
    The idea is to pull air up thru the holes in the reflector and the spaces between it's sides and the walls and blow them into the space between the back of the reflector and the top of the box, then out the back.

    The first 5 pics are my air extraction project, and the rest are a regular hood I made without any fans.

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  2. i think it's a damn good idea,,,,

    one i may incorporate myself,,,,

    my hood is like yours,,, exact lenght and width,, of my box,,,,,

    not much room for heat to escape to the top of the '' growarea'':smoke:
  3. I'm glad you can make use of this! I'm gonna drill a few more holes cuz each of those 2 fans is rated at 200 cfm and I feel like they'd struggle a bit if I had them turned on full blast. Hope tomorrow I can get it up
  4. I was thinking about working on a project like yours, pretty cool keep updating us if you make any advances on your air extraction.
  5. In hindsight, I wish I had built a shallow box the entire length of the reflector, mounted the two fans, and the covered the rest with some scrap wood. Then I could have intake holes the entire length of the reflector! ...but I suppose my holes in the middle should prolly do just fine, I've come too far to change it now
  6. little update, I have everything wired, and I doubled the intake holes on the reflector. I hope to find time in the next few days to install the light and fans, hang mylar, and finish things up... I'll report back with temperature reports and we'll see how it works!
  7. I MAY DO THE FANS LATER,,,,,, but this weekend im drilling some exaust holes in my home-made hood also,,,''im 20 degrees higher under my hood than the outside temp's...

    simply because myh hood is so tight with all 4 corners,:smoke:
  8. yeah, holes should help tremendously! Let me know how it works out! I might have my fanned hood up tomorrow, I hope so anyway. I'm just not excited about hanging mylar, that stuff is sort of a pain in the ass
  9. you could just paint your walls white,,,,

    my insulation is white,,, so problem solved,,, but if need be,

    i got's some reflective material,, which i may use in the future.

    my ''sign'' totally reflective,, just remove the black lettering,,,

    this is what my hood is made of,,, and possibly 3 walls of my box,:smoke:

    By chickenhawk435 at 2011-11-24

    a pop-shot of my hood,,

    By chickenhawk435 at 2011-11-28
    By chickenhawk435 at 2011-12-01:smoke:
  10. hahahahaha! That sign is too perfect!

    My walls are already white, I just wanna use mylar since I have it on hand. Too bad my plants aren't as nice as my box! lol

  11. i hear ya brotha,,, my walls are white also,,,,,thanks to the outer laying of that insulation,,,,

    but im still gonna line the walls with that sign,,,,;)
  12. Just wanted to say I got everything up and running and so far things are working perfectly! It is quite cold inside the house right now, so the fans are on a timer with the lights. The real test will be this summer, but in some testing I was able to lower the temp in my box from nearly 90 down to 72 with the fans at less than full speed!

    I'll post a few pics when I can.
  13. sounds good brotha, looking forward to seeing the new pics,

    i scratched the idea of doing what you did,

    because i got my lights bumped right up against each other,,

    i currentlly have no room for a ventilation fan..

    but props to you for this ingenious idea,

    im sure i'll incorporate it in a future grow,:hello:
  14. I've been putting off the pics cuz the lights on make for shitty pictures, but I also don't wanna disturb their sleep cycle to take a few pics when their off either, lol
  15. okay, pics!

    This is my reflector up and running in a box that about 2' wide, 1' deep, and 3.5' tall. I have no problem vegging 2-3 plants in this box.

    These are 23w daylight clf's, and I'm running 8 of them at about 1600 lumens each, so I have about 6400 lumens per square foot :cool:

    Also keep in mind EACH of these fans are individually rated at 200cfm, and I have five of them in this box rigged to a speed controller. At full blast this thing moves more wind than a hurricane!!
    2 fans to suck air thru the hood, 2 fans to blow air out of the back of the box, and 1 fan blowing into the growing space.

    Questions? Comments? Lay 'em on me!

    Hope you guys can make use of them!

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  16. man you really need to straighten that mylar out,,,

    you got more wrinkles than a 90 yr old woman,,,:D
  17. Could you give me a few details on those fans? I think I could use those on my project they look nice. They look to be 12v not 120. But make model etc? Thanks!
  18. [quote name='"Surrealism"']Could you give me a few details on those fans? I think I could use those on my project they look nice. They look to be 12v not 120. But make model etc? Thanks![/quote]

    They're Sunon 120mm 48v, 19w, 0.4a

    Ebay has 'em
  19. [quote name='"chicken"']man you really need to straighten that mylar out,,,

    you got more wrinkles than a 90 yr old woman,,,:D[/quote]

    Hey man, not all of us have a nice slick street sign to work with!

    I suck at hanging mylar, lol
    I think it turned out alright considering the room I had to work with

  20. lol at the street sign/

    but really get you a staple gun,,and start from the top and straighten that shit out,,,

    you paid for it, now hang it right,

    with those wrinkles your ..wasting the money you spent on it, by not having it crease free.

    those wrinkles are distributting your light in all the wrong directions,

    shit use tape if need be,

    i expect to see some wrinkle free mylar, if you want some ''rep''+:D

    a bribe allways works<----------:wave::p

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