cfl quickie?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jakefour20, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. ok 8 sprouts.. i have
    one GE 3-Way CFL Light Bulb: 12/23/29W (50/100/150W Equiv) in reflector
    three one hundred watt cfl's one in reflector, two in the middle of plants
    one four foot flour. one hundred watts(i think)
    all pointing towards the center
    enough life for the first month or... should i put more...

  2. please use actual watts and not comparitive to incadecent watts.. take some pics
  3. fine its
    its one twenty-nine watt cfl in a ballast
    three twenty-six watt cfl's, one in ballats two in middle of plants
    one four foot flour. one hundred watt's
    is this enough for the first month's life of eight sprout's?
  4. yea that sounds like a good amount..once they get bigger you will need more thoe i think...i had 5 lights on one plant:D
  5. yay....... its bright as hell... i think it's enough my self, but im still new...;)

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