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  1. I've been looking at some cfls on amazon and i was wondering what you guys thought

    42 watt cfl 9$ i would get 2 or 3 of these

    13 watt cfls i would get one pack $7

    does that seen like enough light for 1 or maybe 2 plants? What else would i need? and are these lights any good ? any and all info would be great, thanks.
  2. Thats not cheaper than driving down to walmarts or the home depot. By the time you ship it you will have over paid.

    Also, HTG sells 35 watt horticulture cfl's for 5 bucks each.
  3. Those 42 watters are PERFECT for veg. 3 of those per plant and you'd be alright. You would need to find 2700k lights for flowering though.

    I would never use a CFL under 23 watts. They just aren't efficient enough. Even as it is, those 42 watters will have to be inches away from your plant.
  4. Link?
  5. High Tech Garden Supply

    Thats the web page, but I didnt see them on there. You may have to call. But they have them. I am lucky enough to live with a HTG store in my town and they have 2 shelves full of them.
  6. Ah. Well on the website all I could find was 35 watter for 20 bucks.
  7. lol, no they're like 5.99 or so. I have a few of them.

    One did die after just one grow though, I was not pleased, but at that price ...
  8. Yea I thought the 42s seemed pretty good. My little plan for my grow box im building would be 3 of the 42s above the plant like 2 inches away, the 13s would be all rigged together in 2 sets of 4 on either side of the plants again pretty close. and the grow box would be covered in mylar or something But i have no idea what doing so ya. does that make sense? idk im pretty blazed lol :bongin: and the lights I was looking at had free shipping from amazon... hmmmm.. $5.99 sounds pretty good wheres that one
  9. I agree. The lower wattage CFLs have such low light intensity that they only will do the plant any good within one inch, you don't get coverage that way.
  10. I posted this in Absolute Beginners but i figured I'd post it here too

    I have 2 old T12 fluorescent lamps they have big ass bulbs,68 watts each lamp.... enough to grow with? and id prob buy some new bulbs

    some of these 2 Growlux and 2 cool white about 16$ a bulb for a T12 and those are 80 watts per lamp
  11. When ordering online, use sites that offer free shipping. Amazon has free shipping on many things as long as you spend enough money.

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