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  1. Okay i was at walmart and i couldnt decide wat bulbs to get the Daylight Bulbs or the GE bulbs.I wanted to get the GE bulbs cause they were cheaper but i didnt no if there were the bulbs that were the really bright white ones or the other ones.I didnt want to mistake them for the white bulbs when they could of been the orange lookin colored ones.And with the daylight bulbs i already no there the bright white ones.

    1.Is there 6500k orange bulbs (i dont want to get mixed up) or does the 6500k mean the brightwhite ones?

    2.How do i no which GE bulbs are the bright white ones?
  2. 6500k are bright white/blue

    GE makes soft white those are the 2700K, cool white (I think those are about 4500K) and daylight 6500k. It should say on the package or if you look closely on the ballast part of the bulb.
  3. The 6500k package is the blue one like this

  4. do these come in 42 watt at walmart?
    my walmart only carries these..
  5. no, youre only going to get a 26 watt bulb max unless you wanna drop some money on a big cfl... like a 100w or 150w.. but I think you need to order those online. GE is the best brand of CFL
  6. Target has the 42w but only in the soft white 2700k, for flowering, about $8 each
  7. so when you flower you use the orange bulbs rite?
  8. I am using those same exact lights on my grow. I used 4 of them for veg and now have two of them in with the 2700k bulbs. They worked great for Veg if you have a good soil. I used FFOF
  9. go to home depot they got the 68w cfls for like 15 bucks
  10. correct, when you flower you want to use 2700K soft white bulbs. You can throw in a few 6500k bulbs but should be more of the 2700k

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