CFL question, with pictures.

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  1. I read kamels guide but what is the best way to place cfl bulbs. with the lights sideways on the plants or facing down?.

    (facing down)


  2. I would think sideways seeing as it gives off alot more light?
    It has alot to do with your setup really.
  3. [​IMG]

    it's on the floor in this picture and no where near done, I'm painting it and adding doors/vent/fans tomorrow after work. the light in the middle will be hanging, and there is a shelf not in the picture that lets you adjust the pots all the way up to the top.

    this is just to kinda show you the basic idea.
  4. Thats pretty cool dude and the way you have the bulbs should work great, just need to be 2-4 inchs from the plants. But like you said you have a shelf to ajust them. The hanging one could allways be used for side lighting/to light the inside of the plants.

  5. Yea I'm going to be growing lowryder #2 autoflowering and I heard they can get very bushy and for best yield I need to light under the canopy. that is the reason I got the hanging light :)

    I can't wait. My seeds should be here within the week.
  6. Nice man you going to be keeping a journal? By the way what watt CFL's are those? About 26w?
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    Yea I'll make a journal with daily updates, they are 26watts each 204 total for a three plant grow.

    According to Kamels guide it should be enough for a some what decent yield. I'm only hoping for an ounce and a half or so.

    Oh I forgot to say It will be two lowryder #2 and one g13 quicksliver autoflower with LST to keep it small like the dwarves.


    I need to buy a few daylight bulbs I didn't realize all mine are soft white. I'm also doing that tomorrow.

    I hooked you up with some rep, I hope it marked as green for ya. Thank's for all the help.

    Also what do you think of this intake, wind and exaust idea?

    There would be a fine mesh screen on the holes in the side with a strong fan blowing into the box. I might put a small exaust fan on the side with out the big fan, because I don't know how well it would blow fresh air through the box.

  8. Yeah LST is the way to go, and as fare as the fans go im not to sure. You could do that or wait for more people to give there ideas, but just make sure theres a good breeze on both the lights and plants.

    Thanks for +Rep, Lookin foward to the journal.
  9. the best way to set up a cfl is sideways as opposed to turning them vertical due to the fact that there's just more surface area there and naturally the majority of the lumens will shoot out the sides of the spiral rather than the small area at the tip of the bulb. also if you wanted to, a cheap way to make a reflector for the 26watt cfl's is to cut out a 12oz soda can's top and half of the side and slide it up over the bulb. It costs nothing, is very simple, and can help get the most outta your bulbs compared to no reflector at all. A really good idea for a cheap reflector if you have 42watt or 65watt cfl's is the small one gallon kegs of beer that heinekin and other beer companies etc. make. It's all about ingenuity my friend, and this is a culture renown for having just those skills :smoking:

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