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    What do you guys think about using more smaller CFLs versus fewer bigger ones.
    Like a ton of 18 watt ones. What I'm thinking is it would allow you to locate them all around your plant, not just on top. That way you can get the lights very close all the way around for most growth potential. Would that produce too much heat? Or would nine 18W (168 total watts) bulbs produce about the same heat as 168 watts of bigger bulbs (like 4x 42W bulbs).

    - Expanding on the thought of using a bunch of smaller bulbs and getting them super close to the plant here's an idea I had. Since the heat even from the CFLs can burn the plant, how about putting some kind of clear cylinder around the bulb that would prevent the plants from touching the actual bulb. This way you can stick the bulb literally in the middle of the plant if you wanted to. Glass would work but I can't think of a practical way to make the housing. So I was thinking clear plastic like overhead projector sheets could work.
    - If bulbs produce too much heat an option could be attaching a little hose to the cylinders around every bulb and then making all the hoses run to an exhaust fan. Basically creating little ghetto cool tubes. One exhaust fan could probably suffice for all the bulbs.
    I may be crazy, but it's just an idea I had.. I'm attaching a little sketch of the idea so you guys can have a visual.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  2. Personally I say, why try to re-invent the wheel? I wouldn't waste my time with a bunch of little bulbs with ghetto rigged "cool tubes" when I could just just use 5 or 6, 27 watt bulbs and call it good.

    You can position the big bulbs anywhere you want as long as they are at least a couple inches away from your leaves. As far as the cooling is concerned, a fan blowing accross the bulbs is enough to keep it from burning your babies. Don't bother with the elaborate tubing. Save it for the HID grows.

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