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  1. Hey so i bought all the making sockst adapters y splitters cfls etc.... And was wondering the fire hazard of these things. I mean it seems relatively safe its only 150 watts or so, whats the safest way to make these. One socket with muliple y splitters? Or 3 on each power strip in seperate outlets
  2. What do you plan on growing with 150w of CFL's? You'll be fine running them all on one strip, just check the voltage. Another option, check out a T5 panel, can get em for about $150-200 and their solid.
  3. By check the voltage, can you elaborate?sorry noob. I plan on a micro cab of 3 or 4 lil girls
  4. There should be an indication of how much a power strip can handle somewhere written on it, probably in small writing on the bottom.

    Should look similiar to this:
    125 Volts
    15 Amps
    60 Hz
    1875 Watts

    It will basically give you a run down of how much it can take before it pop the breaker. 150watts of CFL isn't going to overload it by any means, but if you plug in fan and other stuff just be mindful, worst case you'll just blow a breaker and have to reset.
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  5. CFLs don't get that hot, I personally have never had any bad experiences. Ventilation is key tho even with CFLs

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  6. Yeah thats what i figured, and yeah i got some pc fans probably gonna use an ona bucket or something for odor, since smoking where i am currently is accetpable but not my current project haha
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  7. An
    And what if my bulbs say 120 also
  8. Carbon filters help a lot if you can get your hands on one, there are many DIY ones you can make for next to nothing. Also coffee grinds help a lot with smell dryer sheets over exhaust fan ect

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  9. Not every light can sustain growth, I'm betting it's not but you can upload pics.

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  10. Much appreciativ brah. Cant wait to move back to CO, have my med card till september still, and i wanna have a small micro under my belt before i move back in june/begging of july!
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  11. Better get in soil soon!

    Do you plan on making a journal here ?
  12. Yeah just havent had free time to get it properly set up and dont wanna really start an official one till its all good and i can get pics and all and every neat and squared away. Shortly though my friend!
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  13. PM me when its up, ill defiantly be along for the ride. Cheers

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